Chapter 48

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  ~Iman’s P.O.V~

  Giving Zayn my email, I noticed how his face lit up immediately. He thanked me and promised he won’t bother me every other minute but I assured him that I gave him that email to use whenever he felt like he needed to. And he can always talk to Youssef who is kind of going through the same thing and had the same lectures they could really benefit one another.

  Hearing the door open, my thoughts got interrupted as my head turned to the customer. It was exactly 5:30 so we needed to close up. This will be the last customer of the day before the discussion.

  “Al Salam Alykum.” Mazen said entering the shop, his eyebrows furrowed and he gave me a confused look.

  “W Alykum Al Salam.” I replied mimicking his expression as my curiosity took over. I wanted to know the reason behind his look.

  “Hey Mazen, just in time for the discussion.” Holly beamed coming from the back room as she went to close up.

  “What was that guy doing here?” Mazen gave me a confused look then suddenly it turned to an angry one, “Was he harassing you again? I could still go after him now.”

  “Mazen, relax. He wasn’t bothering me. He just came to say goodbye. He is leaving.” I explained to stop Mazen from going after Zayn and making an actual scene in the street.

  “Leaving? Where is he going? And why did he come to say goodbye?” Mazen asked sternly, anger still evident in his eyes but he tried his best to control it.

  “Cause he is a family friend.” I answered in soft voice trying to calm Mazen down a little. I didn’t know why I felt the need to satisfy Mazen. He was over reacting as if he was Ayman and I needed to justify my actions to him but it didn’t bother me as I thought it would. On the contrary, it made me feel kind of special in a way.

  “I highly doubt he is a friend of Ayman’s.” Mazen scoffed making me feel my stomach dropping for a second. I hated how he talks about Zayn like he wasn’t worthy of even our friendship.

  “He is my friend and Youssef’s friend as well.” I found myself quick to defend Zayn even though we weren’t really friends but that was none of Mazen’s business. Regardless of my feelings towards him.

  “Your friend?” Mazen Raised an eyebrow at me, shock in his eyes.

  “Yeah.” I replied with much confidence, surprising not only Mazen but myself as well.

  Personally, I don’t believe in the whole boy-girl friendship but our intension is pure. I want to help Zayn be a better person and seeks guidance and comfort from my words. Plus I wasn’t doing anything wrong so I wasn’t going to justify myself to Mazen.


  It was almost 8PM, the discussion was great and the turnout was even better than last weeks. I was happily watching the crowd engaging in a heated discussion about the character’s intention about something but I wasn’t paying too much attention to what they were saying.

  My mind was preoccupied with Mazen who was somewhat ignoring me the whole night. Since our little argument if that what it even was, Mazen hadn’t said a word to me not even commenting on this week’s turn out.

  To be completely honest, I kind of felt hurt. I felt like I did something wrong but I knew I did nothing wrong.

  Why was I feeling like that? Why did Mazen’s looks give me a funny feeling in the bottom of my stomach? Why did I even care about his opinion?

  These were all questions rooming around my mind all night. And the fact that Mira had been all talking to Mazen all night made me even more upset and I don’t even know why.

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