Chapter 33

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*Un edited cuz i'm just happy i found time to write again... sorry*

~Zayn’s P.O.V~

                Yesterday went so freaking well, I still can’t believe it. I didn’t mess it up. She even defended me when that hulk like block was being an arse to me. Well, defending is a bit of an exaggeration but still she was a little defensive when she spoke to him.

                One point Zayn, Zero bulked up block.

                Even though I had a feeling like she didn’t want me there at the beginning. The look she gave me when she noticed me there made my heart sink. It was like she didn’t want me there. Like she wanted me to leave. Even when I went to talk to her, she was nervous and I believe she even tried to get rid of me. I bet it was because of the block.

                But the second I mentioned ‘Looking for Alaska’ though, her whole posture changed. She seemed shocked that I was reading that book. Well, I’m not but it’s her favorite book so I had to mention it. She was so impressed when I told her I was reading it.

                Two points Zayn.

                Damn now I have to actually read it in case she asked me anything. At least I have a week to do that. A week without seeing her, that’s too long.

                Oh, god. I sound so whipped. What had she done to me?

                “We are here Zayn.” Preston said, snapping me out of my thoughts. I forgot he was in the car with me.

                “Thanks, man.” I said getting out leaving him to park the car while I joined the crew back stage.

                “Zayn is finally here! Welcome your majesty.” Caroline shouted jokingly when I entered the dressing room.

                “No need for the formalities. Just call me your highness.” I teased her.

                “In your dreams little boy.” She rolled her eyes in amusement, “Good thing you are dressed on point today. Lou, you start on his hair. I don’t need to do anything. But quickly, the interview starts in less than ten minutes.”

                “Don’t I always look on point?” I smirked wiggling my brows at her then She turned around to walk away as I heard her a mumble a ‘oh god’ making me chuckle.

                 “Someone is in a good mood today.” Lou smiled at me as she started to put some kind of hair product in her hand.

                “I’m always in a good mood.” I said with too much confidence.

                “Not this early in the morning, mate.” Harry chuckled.

                “I just had a good night sleep I guess.” I shrugged smilingly remembering yesterday as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened twitter.

                “You ditched us yesterday to sleep? I thought you had a secret bird.” Niall said in mixture of shock and confusion.

                “Nah-,” I mumbled but was cut off by Louis.

                “He obviously does. Look at his stupid grin.” Louis said pointing at my face making my look up from my screen and furrow my brows at him but my smile was still evident on my face.

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