Chapter 54

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

  “I don’t know if you noticed or not but Youssef has a tattoo. He had it for a long time now and we send him to take some religious meetings with our Sheikh to guide him since he had been losing his way lately.” Ayman was so serious it made my heart beat faster.

  He never liked sharing anything private between the three of us with anyone. Even Uncle Adam knew the subject but not details. This didn’t feel right.

  “I got carried away with Mazen and everything forgetting all about the laser removing appointment with Youssef.” Ayman gave me a look and I felt guilty that I got carried away as well. How could we both forget about Youssef like that?

  Thinking about it now, I hadn’t have a proper conversation with Youssef in weeks and I hadn’t been checking on him either. It’s like I forgot my responsibility and it’s all because I was being busy with everything going on in my life with Mazen, Yasmin living here and Auntie Sana leaving us a while back.

  I’m such a horrible sister to him.

  “It’s okay, I’m sure it’s still valid. You could go this week.” Yasmin tried to come up with a solution. Come to think about it, it’s really not a big deal that we made it later rather than sooner but I guess it’s the guilt feeling.

  “It’s not about that. I already made another appointment for this Tuesday, but It’s the fact that both of us had been so out of it that we didn’t even notice Youssef missing the meetings for the last week. Sheikh Ibrahim called me at work today.” Ayman sighed.

  “What? It’s not possible, I wake him up every day for the meetings. He goes out at around 7:30 to catch the bus. He hadn’t miss one day.” I said in disbelieve.

  “Sheikh Ibrahim won’t lie to me, Iman.” Ayman scolded me lightly making me realize how rude I was and I immediately felt bad.

  “I know, I’m not saying he is of course,” I looked rather apologetic, “I just can’t believe that Youssef have been lying to me all week long.”

  “Well, he has.” Ayman said with a straight face. I can only imagine what he was feeling right now if I was feeling this horrible.

  “Maybe he has a good reason? I’m sure he wouldn’t lie for nothing.” Yasmin tried to defend him making both Ayman and I give her a look. We weren’t stupid, we knew Youssef well and that’s why we refuse to be dump enough to believe that.

  “There is no reason for him to lie no matter what.” Ayman said with a straight face and a dry tone. He was angry now more than anything and I was sure Youssef was going to get it when he gets home.

  I was kind of feeling bad for him for a second but my senses came back to me reminding me of all the wrongs he had done. He had been acting up for months now and we let it slide not once but many times, that’s why he had reached this far. We babied him too much.

  The rest of the night was spent in awkward talk. Yasmin tried her best to make me and Ayman feel a little better telling us we can’t be babysitters all the time and he needed the freedom. He made a mistake that he would learn from and that’s it. She tried to make us feel less guilty about this whole situation but it was hard.

  Personally, I was relieved that Ayman didn’t blame me for not paying attention and doing my job. I would blame me if I was him. I do blame me. But still, it’s a weight of my shoulders knowing Ayman doesn’t.

  Hearing the door open, we all snapped our heads awaiting Youssef’s entry. He gave us a weird look furrowing his eyebrows at us. He must’ve felt something was off by the way we were all looking at him.

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