Chapter 68

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~Zayn's P.O.V~

  Numb. That was all I felt from the moment those horrible words left Jo's mouth.

  Lurking further more on what he told me, I knew she had been engaged to a guy named Mazen for the past couple of months. They didn't have a big party or whatever but just some close family members attended.

  She seems happy and it broke my heart.

  How could I so blindly miss the fact that she was engaged? How could I been so engulfed in my own world of thoughts and plans that I haven't picked up she was someone else's?

  He told me, she used to work with him before and that's when he saw her. He asked her Uncle and brother for her hand in marriage and they agreed before he proposed to her.

   Youssef kept telling me how much he hated the guy. How much of a stuck up he was and how much he wanted to end that engagement by all means. The guy seemed like a brick from What Jo said and I wondered why a girl like Iman would fall for such a jerk.

  She seems to be surrounded by, Hang on. She used to work with him? Oh crap, it's that block! She is engaged to that ball of crap? Why? She is better than that. I was better than him!

  Oh god, I can't believe out of all people it had to be him. I knew he had his eyes on her from the moment I saw him. Did he lurk her through me? Did he use my d*ck of moves to come on to her. To show her how much better he was?

  I was more than curious to know all the details of how they got together from Jo that I didn't even bother hiding my interest in her making Jo suspicious. He just joked about me being jealous making me bite my tongue on the whole subject.

  Once Jo left, I dwelled on my own thoughts. From what Jo said, she was happily engaged to a br*ck. He was charming, protective and by far more religious. He was the better man in this case and I had no chance next to him.

  Who was I even kidding thinking I could win Iman? I was the guy she always despised, I was the guy who she felt sorry for, I was the guy she used to help her brother but I was never the guy she admired.

  Funny thing was, I thought I was making progress. I stopped smoking, I left my friends, I went to a mosque and even talked to Sheikh who made me feel so small for her. I changed my whole life. I wasn't the guy who partied all night, smoked a joint then went home with a girl at the end of the day anymore. I spent most of my nights talking to her.

  Hell, I even felt at peace. I started to pray regularly asking Allah to make her mine but I guess I didn't deserve her.

  Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket, I got it out and read the text I just received from Penelope;

  'Starbox in 15 minutes. We are starting the break-up plan tonight.'


~Iman's P.O.V~

  My mind was elsewhere the whole day. After what Yasmin told me, I felt like my head was spinning in a nonstop motion.

  I read article after article with dates about Zayn adventures and gave myself a headache from all the thinking.

  He went partying just after he told me he seek help from a sheikh near him. He passed out drunk, when he promised he would stop drinking. He smoked just after he told me he had quiet. He went out with that girl while he was talking to me.

  He kissed her, held her hand and hugged her all the time and never once mentioned her to me.

  My hurt ached and my head was dizzy. I felt empty in the inside but why? Never have I ever thought I liked Zayn as anything more than a friend. So why did I feel he betrayed me?

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