Chapter 20

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

            Walking to the library today, I felt my anxiety build up. I knew fully well that I had no choice but to take the week off even if it meant I would get fired. Ayman would just say that it was a temporary job anyway.

            But I liked that job and it was going to be very hard to find another part time job that allows me to have enough time to make breakfast for the boys and comeback just in time to make dinner and keep the house in a proper state. Plus, I can’t deny the fact that I began to like Holly and maybe Maze as well. They were so nice.

            Once I entered the book store, I felt myself sigh heavily remembering that Mazen wouldn’t be here now. If I was lucky, maybe he would come by later to check on us. It was his new habit.

            “Hey, Iman.” Holly said with not much attention as her eyes were glued to her mobile screen.

            “Hey, Holly.” I replied politely, taking my seat behind the cashier quietly.

            The day dragged on. It was a little bit busier than our usual because we started the summer activities. A lot of people actually like the idea of joining a book club with random strangers talking about their favorite books, others just came for the discount which we offered for members. Overall, the ideas seemed to be working. For the first week the results were impressing.

            “When will we start the first book club discussion?” A customer asked, she was in her teen years and seemed a little shy.

            “Next Friday at 5:30 is our first discussion. We’ll be talking about ‘The Faults in our stars’.” I smiled politely at her.

            “Really? I already read it like a 100 time. Can I come even if I don’t buy the book from here?” She asked.

            “Yeah, as long as you are a member you can attend the book clubs’ discussions. Just register here to reserve a place in the next one.” I gave her the piece of paper filled with names to put hers at the end.

            “Thank you.” She smiled then I heard Holly giggle making the girl blush a little before leaving but that didn’t stop Holly from giggling to herself every other minute.

            It was beginning to annoy me especially that she didn’t try to hide her obvious state. She was like a school girl having a silly crush. Oh, wait, she was a school girl probably talking to her crush. Well, this was just amazing.

            Sighing, I looked over at the clock for what seems to be the million time. It was almost 4:30. I was beginning to feel that Mazen wasn’t going to show up today. That was just perfect!

            My auntie and her daughter were coming the day after tomorrow. What am I going to do? I couldn’t just not show up for a week.

            A thought crossed my mind making me panic a little. Mazen made me responsible for the Book club. Its first official discussion was this Friday. Of course he would expect me to organize everything but I was supposed to have it off.

            Their timing was just incredible, to be honest. We literally had no work for the last couple of month and this week was the beginning of our real work, in a way.

            Now, there was no way in hell Mazen would agree to my week off request no matter how good his mood was when I ask him. I should just accept the fact that I was going to lose this job and try to find something else close to home and had good hours. I was hoping for a miracle.

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