Chapter 71

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  It's been a week since the fight with Mazen and I never felt more at peace. It was a horrible day to be honest. The whole incident with Mazen and my conversation with Uncle Adam and Ayman after he left weren't so great. Especially when we talked about Zayn.

  I told them the truth about how we met and how we became friends. Ayman was disappointed at first but when I told him I was purely helping him and all the change Zayn had made the last couple of months, he was proud. He even did admit that Youssef had changed deeply and of course Zayn had a huge effect on him so he let it slide.

  The conversation went great for everyone but me. It hurts way too much to talk about him. Even though I deliberately hid the new information I found about him, it still didn't change the fact that my pain was over taking my chest.

  Funny enough how I didn't feel that hurt when Mazen and I broke up. I just felt angry at what happened between us but now thinking about Zayn makes my heart ache.

  The fact that all the moments we had together was a lie was too unbearable for me. And the fact that everyone kept writing stories about Zayn's break up with Penelope only hurt more.

  But then again, I had to be fair, I just had my own break up because of him. Maybe he was in the same situation I was in? Maybe he fell for me unexpectedly as well?

  I can't keep my hopes high like that, I'm just setting myself up to be hurt even more.

  "Hey Ama Iman." Auntie Lea used her baby voice bringing the two babies with Yasmin's help.

  "Hey there little chipmunks." I beamed taking Faris off her hand, "Did you have a nice nap?"

  "We had a blast." Yasmin said in her baby voice.

  "How are you today, Iman?" Auntie Lea asked more seriously now, like she does every day.

  "Good, Alhamdulillah." I smiled playing with Faris.

  "Any plans for the day?" Yasmin asked.

  "Just going to spend my day with my two favorite people in the world." I played with Faris's small leg kissing it making him ticklish.

  "You haven't got out of the house since Mazen was here, Iman. You need some fresh air." Yasmin insisted.

  "I went to work." I argued.

  "You know what I mean." She rolled her eyes.

  "Yeah, Iman. I can handle it. It would be good to spend some time just me, Adam and the boys. You girls go have some fun." Auntie Lea smiled.

  "Yeah, I really need to go out. Please Meme." She pouted and I just sighed giving in to her wishes knowing she would probably nag me all day.


~Zayn's P.O.V~

  Today was the day. My heart was racing and my hands were sweaty but I wasn't about to back out now. I had to do this now or I would never get the courage again.

  Jo told me she broke up with the br*ck and how he made a scene in their house. I just knew he was a jerk but I wasn't going to rub it in anyone's face.

  Jo also told me how he overheard Iman talk with Yasmin about me once. She told her she had feelings for me and she was hurting for some reason because of me. What did I do? I could never hurt her in any way.

  Thinking back to what I did these past couple of months, the only thing I could come up with was the whole Penelope thing but I cleared that up already so there was nothing left for her to be mad at me for.

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