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Chapter 26

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

            It hadn’t even been an hour and Youssef was whining about not having his phone.

            He literally begged for it after breakfast when Ayman went to his room to retrieve his car keys but I couldn’t give in this fast.

            Not a second later Ayman came back and told Youssef that he’s dropping him off at the mosque which made him sigh and follow Ayman out.

             Felt guilty for the way Youssef was feeling. It wasn’t bad enough that he wasn’t allowed to go out, Ayman made me take away his phone, which for a teen boy was his whole life.

            My guilt was soon pushed back to the back of my mind as I noticed Jasmin walking down the stairs to the kitchen.

            “Morning,” She smiled tiredly.

            “Morning, Jessy. Would you like some tea?” I asked politely unwrapping the plates I already prepared for breakfast.

            “Yeah, I’ll make myself a cup. You already went through the trouble of making breakfast.” She walked around the Kitchen Island, getting the kettle and pouring water in it.

            “It’s no trouble at all.” I replied but allowed her to make herself the tea.

            “How does Ayman like his tea? I’ll make him a cup as well since I poured too much water in the kettle.” She said picking up two mugs from the counter.

            “Ayman is not here.” I replied with an apologetic look since she already poured the hot water in his the second cup.

            “Oh, where is he?” She asked confused.

            “He went to his work. It’s almost 8AM.” She nodded looking at the clock on the wall.

            “He must’ve woken up really early then.” She mumbled looking at the second mug, “I’ll just give this one to mom.”

            “No, it will be cold by the time she wakes up. Throw it away.” I won’t want to hear what Auntie Sana would say if I gave her a cold cup of tea.

            “It’s alright, I’ll re-heat it. I hate when things go to waste.” She insisted and thankfully I didn’t have to argue back since Auntie Sana was walking down the stairs and joining us in the kitchen.

            “Good morning.” I mumble with a smile.

            “Mom, I made an extra cup of tea, would you like it with milk?” Jasmin said pouring her mom some milk before even getting a reply.

            “Thank you, angel.” Auntie Sana smiled and started picking on the cucumber pieces.

            “What do you want to do today?” I asked while they had their breakfast.

            “Some sightseeing would be lovely.” Jasmin perked.

            “Okay then.”


~Zayn’s P.O.V~

            All I did yesterday was read stories that were published about me, getting myself only angrier by the second.

            I got so frustrated with the amount of lies that were told about me that I almost throw my own phone away.

            People were ignorant enough to publish some sh*t and my own management were ignoring everything and posting some old tour pictures.

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