Chapter 31

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                People were beginning to come in groups for the book club discussion making my nerves build up inside of me. I tried my best to have a welcoming smile on my face as every single person entered. I offered them beverages in the café section and told them that we are going to started at exactly 5:30pm.

                “Wow, the turn-out is great so far and it’s only the first discussion.” Holly said once I joined her and Yasmin.

                “I know, I feel pretty nervous.” I said honestly looking at the crowd. There was about 30 person in the room. Most of them were girls, ranging between early teens till late 20’s.

                I was a bit disappointed with the age range as I hoped for an older crowd so we can move on with some really good books, but I guess I got what I asked for when I said first discussion was ‘The Faults in our stars’.

                Hearing the bells on the door, my head immediately snapped to see who walked in to welcome them like I did with everyone else. But I didn’t need to do that as it was only Mazen.

                My smile changed from the welcoming one I had on for our readers to a wider, more genuine one. I was really happy to see Mazen. He didn’t look any different from the last time I saw him but I had a little tingling feeling in the bottom of my stomach when he smiled at me. It was weird really, but I liked it none the less.

                “Al Salam Alykum.” He smiled once he reached the table where Holly, Yasmin and I were seated at.

                “W Alykum Al Salam.” Both Yasmin and I mumbled.

                “Hey, Mazen. This is Yasmin, Iman’s cousin.” Holly introduced them and I felt a bit bad that I was supposed to do that.

                “Nice to see you. You are the one from Egypt?” He asked with a sweet smile.

                “Yeah.” She smiled shyly.

                “I hope you are enjoying your stay here.” Mazen smiled at her then looked at me, “I’m glad you made it, Iman.”

                “Me too.” I smiled politely reminding myself of the situation. He was my boss, this is for work. My stomach needs to stop that silly tingling feeling now.

                “The turnout is great. Your promotion plan definitely was on point. I can’t wait for the actual thing to start.” Mazen was excited as he took a quick look at the little crowd gathering.

                I tried to pull a smile but my nerves started to build up again replacing that tingling feeling which I would gladly handle over this.

                Hearing the bells ring again, my head snapped to the door to find Mira walking in looking a bit different today. She wore dark blue jeans, whit top and a black blazer which was a bit too much for this simple event but it was her hair that took me by surprise. She had blond hair now replacing her dark brown one. Well, it was only blond on the tips which was odd. Did she mess up her dye or did she intend for it to be like that?

                “Hey.” Mira said to all of us then her eyes landed on Mazen as her lips pulled up in a little smile making me divert my eyes to the ground immediately.

                “Hey, Mir.” Mazen replied with his usual sweet smile.

                “Mira, this is Yasmin. Iman’s cousin.” Holly introduced her for the second time. Now I really looked like a horrible cousin.

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