Falling Innocently ✔ by pseudo_angel
Falling Innocently ✔by Nabeelah
Waliya Ebrahim can count on one hand the times she's met Aahil Khan before they are wed. This may concern other girls, but for good Muslim girl, Waliya, she's excited to...
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  • halal
  • marriage
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The CEO's Hijabi by 3aisha995
The CEO's Hijabiby Aisha 🌷
These characters are not perfect please don't judge and it's only a story. Cameron as Toni ( A German model ) Maryam as Habbiba Da Salvia ( Hijabi model) ...
  • hijabi
  • habiba
  • convert
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Finding Islam by FatimaO111
Finding Islamby Bismillah. ✨
King and A'ishah. Two people. Two completely different worlds. Lifestyle's that lie on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fate brings them together and by the will of Al...
  • allah
  • family
  • relationship
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HER BLIND HUSBAND ( A Wattpad Featured Story) by amalkhan807
HER BLIND HUSBAND ( A Wattpad Amal Khan
Highest ranking #1 *Wattpad featured story* All she wanted was for her name to be written in his destiny :) ******************************** He walked past her without...
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A Muslims Love Journey by Jewelsiee
A Muslims Love Journeyby Jewelsiee
Read this story about a beautiful young Muslim girl, Amira who has an arranged marriage to an independent, successful man Jahmaine, read this novel about musllims romanc...
  • muslim
  • nikkah
  • religion
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Dawud - A Muslim Love Story by yourmuslimah
Dawud - A Muslim Love Storyby yourmuslimah
She was beautiful. She was everything I could ever want and now I could call her mine. Her white silk hijab complimented the brown in her skin and I knew, as she began t...
  • faith
  • spiritual
  • family
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Destiny by AishaUmarYau
Destinyby AishaUmarYau
Ameena had not planned on getting her world turned upside down when she agreed to attend her college best friend's wedding on the other side of the country where she has...
  • romance
  • love
  • hausa
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My Ex-Husband, My Professor by onceuponamuslim
My Ex-Husband, My Professorby onceuponamuslim
"Hello Class. I'm going to be your Electrical Engineering professor for the course." No. It couldn't be. "My name is Nasser , Doctor Nasser." ...
  • fiction
  • romance
  • arabia
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Dreams, Not So Romantic ✔(A Tale Of Two Muslims) by soulfulSAZ
Dreams, Not So Romantic ✔(A Tale SarahZ
Highest ranking #1 in Spiritual five plus times Alhumdulillah.. #2 in Spiritual 10 plus times Alhumdulillah. #3 in spiritual 10 plus times and counting.. Sarah, is a sim...
  • dreams
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Love Of Arab Prince( الحب للأمير العربي)VOL 2✔ by Inspiring_Soul
Love Of Arab Prince( الحب للأمير ا Shining_Hijabi
*UNDER EDIT* #16 on 4-March-2018 He looked right into her deep black eyes.He moved towards her smirking pinning her in between his arms. He was so mesmerized by her beau...
  • wedding
  • love
  • spiritual
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Together, Forever by FatimaO111
Together, Foreverby Bismillah. ✨
He looked down at me, taking in a breath before his warm hands cupped my face and he ran his thumbs up and down my cheekbones as if wiping away tears. "I'll never...
  • deen
  • halallove
  • islam
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Married To A Tyrant (Completed) by Lord_Najjj
Married To A Tyrant (Completed)by Najeeb
The sound of the shattering glass sent a chill down my spine, forcing me to withdraw deeper into the corner where I was tucked in. "Mansur, please stop. At least f...
  • marriage
  • romance
  • wattys2018
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The Sheikh's Substitute Bride by Muslimah_0125
The Sheikh's Substitute Brideby PandaBear🐼
Highest in Spiritual:#2 What's Hot (27/05/17) (Book One in The Sheikh's Brides Series) Zuhaiba is the daughter of of tribe and the eldest sister.She is loved and adored...
  • sheikh
  • mothers
  • romance
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His Regrets by oh_my_sam
His Regretsby Sam
"I'll show you what happens to cheaters and whores like you." Aamir muttered before lashing her. Zara arched her back in pain and writhed on the floor as the...
  • marriage
  • abuse
  • spiritual
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Oh I'm Sorry by GalaxysDiamond
Oh I'm Sorryby GalaxysDiamond
"Oh I'm sorry, what was that? All I heard was blah blah blah blah I'm a douchebaggette." "My apologies, I didn't quite catch that. All I heard was blah bl...
  • siblings
  • love
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The path of Islam ? by _Diarra_16
The path of Islam ?by Baby_Diarra🥀
Islamic reminder book which contains a lot of helpul stories including the story of Iblis on how he became Shaytaan and the stories of the Prophets (May peace be upon th...
  • allah
  • love
  • hijab
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Someone Like Fatima ✔️ by that1muslimgirl
Someone Like Fatima ✔️by S U M A Y O ♡
⭐️ Featured On Spiritual ⭐️ Fatima Nour is a timid, introverted practicing Muslimah who's one day blindsided by the fact that she has to marry the CEO of a Multimillion...
  • love
  • saleem
  • muslimlove
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Arabian Nights | ✓ by simonesaidwhat
Arabian Nights | ✓by simone shirazi
• Wattys 2017 Winner for The Originals • The Fiction Awards 2017 Winner for Best Diverse Story • Blair Bakhtiar always wanted to be royalty. Zayn al-Haydar wanted to be...
  • persian
  • prince
  • romance
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A Marriage of Thorns!!! by zufish29
A Marriage of Thorns!!!by ~Zufishan~
He pinned me to the wall and said "You are like a prisoner. You have no freedom here, this house is mine and everything goes here by my words. Just stay in this ro...
  • abuse
  • hate
  • freedom
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Door to Jannah by Umm_Hurairah
Door to Jannahby princess_samra
Rabbi shrahli sadri. wayassirli amri. wahlul uqdatam millisani. yafqahu qawli. [surah Taha] It is said by our prophet (PBUH) that "if a women prays her *five (daily...
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