The Billionaire's Final Victim by NamjoonBieber
The Billionaire's Final Victimby wanderlust.
"I hope you realize you made the worst f**king decision of your life." She could feel his cold icy blue eyes piercing through her soul. "I didn't ask for...
  • romance
  • arrogant
  • possessive
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Sidratul Muntaha by roshannay
Sidratul Muntahaby roshannay
"Jibreel..." Her voice whispered in abandon, his name. His heartbeat faltered. "My Rabb have surely created you just for me... Everything you do... Every...
  • war
  • warrior
  • medieval
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Life & Speeds, Dreams & Break  by Pearls_Queen
Life & Speeds, Dreams & Break by ًفَنَّانً
Zoya Malik stands as the star eligible child to anyone who comes across her. What pronounces everyone's love and respect towards her happens to not only be her excessive...
  • modesty
  • halal
  • muslimah
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11 Days of Halal Dating by HopesPrayersNSmiles
11 Days of Halal Datingby Sa :)
As a Muslimah, for Tammara the word 'love' always came after the word 'halal'. She used to often see girls dating guys before marriage and she knew she would never be in...
  • duniya
  • desi
  • desilife
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His Regrets by oh_my_sam
His Regretsby Sam
"I'll show you what happens to cheaters and whores like you." Aamir muttered before lashing her. Zara arched her back in pain and writhed on the floor as the...
  • marriage
  • islam
  • romance
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Flawed Hearts 💞 by Jidderh_K
Flawed Hearts 💞by Sassy_weirdo
✒ First place winner of the 2018 WOC awards Loneliness and depression were her most loyal companions, she found comfort in solitude. Reading was her reprieve from the w...
  • poc
  • trials
  • fwc
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Breaking His Walls by iimanmaeen
Breaking His Wallsby Iiman Maeen
Arina Khan, a 20 years old Muslimah in her 2nd year of English literature, striving to become a better Muslimah,living in the Bustling New York City and the only daugh...
  • muslim
  • arrogant
  • completed
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Forbidden Desire. by NamjoonBieber
Forbidden wanderlust.
Sahara Akbar is a happy-go-lucky, naïve 19 year old Muslim girl, raised with high morals and ethics. She tries her best every single day to practice her religion as well...
  • interracial
  • arrangedmarriage
  • rich
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Patience & Faith [A journey#1] |  ✔  by alhashmi96
Patience & Faith [A journey#1] | Bint-e-Hashim
ROMANCE/SPIRITUAL "I found heaven the day I met you when I became yours and you became mine." A battle of love, patience & Faith. Struggling from her early tee...
  • marriage
  • islam
  • hope
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Converting the Bad Boy ✔ by Aishabella13
Converting the Bad Boy ✔by Aishabella Sheikh
Highest Rank: #1 in Spiritual 16/08/16, 23/08/16 & 05/09/16 Mariam is a devoted Muslim. She goes about her high school life in the remembrance of Allah (S.W.T) and neve...
  • thenise
  • cancer
  • mariam
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Muslimah in love by Atkbm1
Muslimah in loveby Atkbm
''Marriage isn't easy especially when it's arranged and you hardly know the guy.'' 23-year-old Zara, a modest and virtuous Muslimah, has finally accepted a marriage pr...
  • muslim
  • arrangedmarriage
  • romance
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My Ex-Husband, My Professor by onceuponamuslim
My Ex-Husband, My Professorby onceuponamuslim
"Hello Class. I'm going to be your Electrical Engineering professor for the course." No. It couldn't be. "My name is Nasser , Doctor Nasser." ...
  • kuwait
  • professor
  • spiritual
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Pretty Little Thing | ✓ by sanasays
Pretty Little Thing | ✓by Sana.
[Highest ranking: #1 in Spiritual on 15/8/18] ••• "Why do you keep saving me?!" He screamed in her ears as he pushed her to the fence nearby, gripping her neck...
  • alcohol
  • college
  • london
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Dawud - A Muslim Love Story by yourmuslimah
Dawud - A Muslim Love Storyby yourmuslimah
She was beautiful. She was everything I could ever want. Her white scarf complimented the brown in her skin and I knew, as she began to smile, that I loved her. Her long...
  • faith
  • spiritual
  • muslimah
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Falling For My Bully {Completed}  by muslimah_07
Falling For My Bully {Completed} by Lostsouls ✨
Amira was called everything in the book. Fat, ugly, stupid, a worthless nobody. Suddenly she leaves for Turkey with her family for two years, happy to be rid of her bull...
  • love
  • spiritual
  • amira
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Married To The Love Of My Life  by nafisatuu
Married To The Love Of My Life by Nafisa Abubakar.
Love story of sultaan and sohana❤️ Trust me, you'll enjoy😉 It's your girl nafisatuu🌹
  • romance
  • love
  • happiness
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A Muslim's Romantic Journey by KittyCrackers
A Muslim's Romantic Journeyby KittyCrackers
As a Muslim girl, marriage is one of Safia's biggest dreams. All her life she kept herself pure for her faith and her future husband. Although having never had experienc...
  • conflicts
  • love
  • friendship
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
  • religion
  • spiritual
  • weneeddiversebooks
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From hate, to Lust to Love by FathimaShif
From hate, to Lust to Loveby LiveLove
I drink hard, I play hard, I f*ck hard and I thrive hard in everything I do. I am care free. I use women like toilet papers. I don't care who gets hurt and why they get...
  • diverse
  • islam
  • muslimah
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Are We Okay?? by RafahRahman99
Are We Okay??by RafahRahman99
Meet Aminat Rahman, a 23 year old muslimah who is really shy and quiet. She is currently doing her residency in St. Claire's Hospital. Her parents have a proposal for h...
  • muslim
  • quran
  • romance
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