Chapter 2

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

 Last day of university; you would think that because I was finishing earlier than most people my age, I would be happy that today was the last day I had, but I wasn't. In fact, I was a little depressed that I was leaving.

 While everyone was greeting one another and saying how excited they were for the graduation and that they were finally going in the real world, I was reading my last minute notes before the final exam in my usual spot in the library. It had been my favorite spot for the past 3 years that I had spent here.

 At exactly 8:45 am, I gathered my notes and stashed them in my bag as I walked to the exam room where I would spend the next two hours answering, no, more like perfecting my answers. I had to get an A on marketing or else I won't get a well paid job, because after all, it was my major.

 "Ten minutes till you have to drop your pens, so you better be finishing up your answers." one of the supervisors yelled, startling me. I hate when the supervisor just decides to yell at the top of their voice when I'm in the middle of concentrating.

 After I finished my exam, I rushed through the excited crowd to get home already. It was picture day after the exam but I had more important things to do. Plus it wasn't like they would notice me gone.

 "How was your exam honey?" Auntie asked the minute I walked inside the house.

 "It was very good but there was a trick question at the end so I'm praying I got that one right. I really need to get an A," I said as I took off my hijab and started helping her in the kitchen. She was already preparing dinner even though it was only noon.

 "In Sha' Allah you will honey. I know you worked so hard. Don't worry." She smiled at me, "Iman leave that and go pack."

  “I already packed most of our stuff. Plus we can't have you working too hard in the kitchen, miss pregnant lady," I said sassily at her.

 "You act all dramatic like your uncle. I'm pregnant not paralyzed. I can do stuff that I normally do." She rolled her eyes.

 "The doctor said to rest," I instructed.

 "He also said to exercise. This is my exercise. Plus you have to get packing if you want to be ready by the time Youssef gets here," she reminded me. But I was always two steps ahead.

 "I already finished most of the packing. I just have the ‘everyday things’ left." I was the over organized type. Everything had to be planned and executed ahead of schedule for me not to freak out.

 "Then go rest. You have a long day ahead of you with the moving and stuff. I got everything under control here," she reassured me.

 “If you insist,” I nodded and I went upstairs. To be honest, I did want to finish up packing the tooth brushes, slippers, and other everyday items before Youssef got here but I didn't want my Auntie to be over working herself for us as well.

 Walking into my room, I put the rest of my clothes, books, house slippers and scarves in bags then went to the bathroom and put my belongings in a plastic bag and placed everything neatly next to the other packed items near the door. Then I went and did the same for Youssef’s room which was a little messier than mine but I managed.

 Hearing the door bellring, I walked down the stairs and found thatAunt Lea had already opened the door for the movers.

 “Hello, Miss Saleh?” one of the movers asked.

 “Yes,” I replied shortly.

 “Mr. Saleh has sent us to take the furniture and the big bags to the house,” he said politely.

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