Chapter 62

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  Talking to Zayn so far had been great. I have no idea why I feel the way I feel when I'm around him. Usually I would have declined even sitting with him like that but it was like I was bleeding Tasha silently to agree so we could have lunch together.

  It was like everything I was missing with Mazen, I found it with Zayn.

  Zayn was a rebel. He had tattoos, a nose piercing, he wore ripped skinny jeans and he sang for living. But at the same time he was so good in the inside. He was kind, generous, a good role model. And as for the tattoos and rebel act, he was changing. I could see it. His jeans were getting less skinny. His attitude is slowly changing. Even Yasmin keeps telling me about the rumors of him stopping his drinking, smoking and party life. He had been seen going out of mosques and attending several Asian charities which he never mentions.

  Mazen was a good man. He was respectable, religious, traditional and responsible. My family loved him and he loved me. I could see it in his eyes. But I was more of a pride position to him. He liked showing me off which I didn't mind until I noticed it was a habit of his.

  He likes to show off what he had done. He never shuts up about the charity. He always likes to remind people around him what he had done. Like that incident with Youssef. Just because he had witnessed him skipping a prayer he had to say he had a conversation about it with him.

  Unlike Zayn who never shows off what he does even though he actually has a wider audience who would praise him for all his good actions.

  Maybe this was one of the reasons I enjoyed Zayn's company more. He was genuine with me. I laughed harder, talked a bit more openly, and even shared more secrets with him.

  The day was going great in my opinion until Zayn said the words which made my heart clutched.

  "Iman, there is something you should know about Jo." My heart rate increase as my breath hitched in my mouth. What did he do now?

  "Just listen to me and don't freak out, okay?" His words made me even more scared. What would I freak out about concerning Youssef?

  "Okay." I nodded slowly allowing him to speak.

  "Okay," He took a deep breath as if searching for the right words to say to me, "I know you and Youssef are like making huge progress and I'm really happy for you guys. And that's why I don't want anything to spoil it."

  He was building up my nervous and I was about to just burst at him to just spill the beans about the whole thing.

  "That's why I want to tell you this, instead of you finding out the wrong way." He took another deep breath, seeming really nervous. This will not be good.

  "Youssef is kind of...seeing someone."

  "What do you mean?" No, He doesn't mean what I think he means. He can't. Youssef won't do that.

  "He is, um, dating?" He seems nervous and just trying to take in my reaction but I had none. I was just in utter shock.

  My Youssef? Dating? This is not true. It can't be.

  "Look, I know you hate me for telling you but I've been trying to push Youssef to come tell you himself. He is afraid he would ruin the good friendship he has with you now." Zayn said getting my attention again.

  "Ruin our friendship?" I snorted in disbelieve. We finally got that whole tattoo thing sorted out and now this! What's wrong with him?

  "You! Did you tell him it was okay to date?" I snapped averting all my anger and shock at the only person who was in front of me. Youssef trust him more than his own self. He must've done this to him!

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