Chapter 70

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~Zayn's P.O.V~

  Jo had been here with Jay for a while now. I refused to go down and even acknowledge him, all I do is go on Instagram and watch the new pictures Jo had posted. One of them was of Iman and one of the new born babies.

  She looked so beautiful. The way she was looking at that baby and kissing his little hand. She would be a great mother, I just know it. She would hold our baby like that and I would be right there by her side just looking her beautiful face.

  What the f*ck am I thinking about? She is engaged. Engaged. It's over!

  The door to my room suddenly opens and I hit my phone nervously trying to close it but end up liking the picture instead and my eyes widen. Jo was right in front of me with Jay, both of them had determined faces on.

  "Hey man," Jay says casually like they didn't just burst in my room while Jo grabbed his phone from his pocket and my heart literally dropped. He will hate me and think I'm a pervert. I could just say I was scrolling down my phone and accidently like the picture. Yeah, that sounds convincing.

  "Did you just like my picture?" Jo raised an eyebrow and my tongue got tied. I couldn't say a thing. 

  "Hm, it's the one of Iman with Fahd and I'm not even in it wonder why you liked it." Jo smirked leaving me confused as hell. He doesn't think I was a creep?

  "I...It was an accident." I stuttered like a four year old who just got caught with ta cookie.

  "Really Zayn?" Jay quirked an eyebrow at me and I just stood dumbfounded. Jay knew I liked Iman so why the hell was he playing dump?

  I stood there silently for a while as Jo spoke again, "You know her fiancé gets pretty jealous of her."

  The hell is wrong with these kids! I know she freaking has a fiancé, now can everyone just drop it!

  Wait a second, didn't Jo hate his guts? Did he like him now?

  "Oh, does he have Instagram? I need to follow him." Jay said and my mouth literally drop. Did this boy get hit on the head or what?

  "No, but I'm going to tell him to make one. He has so many cool pictures of the engagement party." Jo said to Jay like I wasn't even there.

  "For F*cks sake, can you two shut up? I get it man. I'm sorry for liking the f*cking picture now drop the subject." I exploded. I couldn't take it anymore. All that talk about the freaking br*ck.

  "Wow Zee, why are you so mad? We are just chatting." Jay said acting innocent and gave him a dirty look. He was on my last nerve right now.

  "Yeah mate. You always so happy when we talk about Iman." Jo said acting too innocent but I was too angry to even notice his fake act.

  "Yeah well I'm not in the mood to talk. You two can leave now."

  "Why? Cause we are talking about Mazen?" Jo said in a fake high pitched tone.

  "Shut up, Jo." I rolled my eyes.

  "It's cute how jealous you get." Jay said and I stopped dead in my tracks. The hell?

  "Jay told me you had a thing for my sister and I just wanted to know how serious you were." Jo said out of nowhere with a ghost of a smirk on his face.

  I was shocked. Why would Jay tell him such a thing? But that didn't matter now, Jo knew my secret and he was surprisingly okay with it, "You are not mad?" I asked hesitantly.

  "No," He chuckled, "You are way better than little perfect Mazen." Jo used his fake high pitched voice again making both Jay and I laugh.

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