Chapter 57

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  After having Zayn's advice, I felt a little strange. I wasn't used to talking to anyone so openly about my relationship with my brothers like that. I told him about Ayman and his over protectiveness. I told him about Youssef's acting out and how it worried me.

  He listened all the time only asking questions when he saw I was confused about something and telling me how Youssef must be feeling, being in his place a couple of years ago.

  Unlike Mazen who I forced myself to open up to him in the same way, only getting a shocking reaction from him.

  But maybe it was because Zayn was closer to Youssef than Mazen was. Zayn knew him better, he hanged out with him more while Mazen only talked to him a few times before.

  Taking a deep breath, I decided to on with Zayn's plan so I just went to Youssef's room and knocked lightly on his door but I got no reply, as expected. I opened the door to check on him but I found him lying on his bed just staring at the ceiling aimlessly.

  "Hey," I said in a low voice with a smile.

  "Hey," He replied not really paying attention to me.

  "How are you?" I asked testing the water.

  "Good." His reply was dry. He wasn't pissed just occupied which worried me a bit. I expected him to hate me and Ayman.

  "Are you okay?" I asked again to be sure. This didn't feel right.

  "Does it matter." He rolled his eye at me but I let it slid. This was more important.

  "It matters a lot to me. I want you to be happy." I replied sweetly taking a seat on the edge of his bed.

  "Yeah right." He rolled over on the bed.

  "Youssef, look at me." I said a little sternly but sweet nonetheless.

  He turned to face me looking directly at my eyes. The look on his face made my heart ache, he was really sad, "I love you and I want you to be happy but I'm worried about you."

  "I'm not a baby Iman." He sighed but I could see it in his face, he was just tired.

  "I know you are not and that scares the hell out of us." I said honestly. He looked confused at me so I went on a little more, "When you were a baby, we could protect you from the world, even from yourself but now we are helpless. All we can do is punish you a little and tell you that you are wrong."

  "But it's not working, Iman. What do you get by making me a prisoner in this house? Nothing!" He sighed in frustration.

  "What else do you suggest we do then? Here we have a teenager brother who is lying to us and sneaking around. What do you suggest we do to get him to stop? To get him to be a straight man."

  He looked at the ground not being able to answer me. I knew he was ashamed of what he has done but he was too proud to say anything. And at that exact moment I heard Zayn's voice echo in my ear so I took a deep breath and talked again.

  "Tell you what, if you promise me you wouldn't lie to me and you would be frank with me on everything I'll talk to Ayman for you." I tried reaching out to him. I knew it wasn't the best way but anything is a start.

  "What would you say?" He asked sitting a little straighter, paying attention to the subject all of the sudden.

  "I'll get him to lay off. I'll get you more freedom if you want only if you be totally honest with me."

  "Okay, yeah. I'll do anything." Youssef said eagerly.

  "Great," I beamed at him happily. My mission is almost successful, "But we have to make a deal before I go talk to Ayman."

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