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Chapter 58

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~Youssef's P.O.V~

  Silence filled the room making my stomach on edge. That snack I ate just an hour ago was contemplating whether it's staying in or going out the wrong way.

  Ayman just got home and Iman called me done for that family meeting with Yasmin, Ayman and herself. My nerves had been on edge for the whole time. Knowing Ayman this meeting could go either way and I'm not so optimistic, to be frank.

  "Uncle Adam called me and told me about your proposition Iman." Ayman started talking having our full attention, "And I'm not so convinced."

  My heart literally stopped in my throat. I knew it. Ayman wasn't going to let me just breath for a second, I was right to avoid any interaction with him in the first place.

  "Youssef is reckless and he shouldn't be left with no supervision. We gave him our trust once too many times and look where that got us. We should learn from our mistake."

  How could he say that giving me trust was a mistake? He never gave me trust. I always had restrictions.

  Looking at Iman, I saw that hurt expression on her face. I knew she had high hopes in making peace between me and Ayman but as long as he is acting like he owes me there is no way I'm caving in to him.

  "Ayman-" Iman tried to object but Ayman raised his index finger telling her to be quiet.

  "However, you and Uncle Adam seem to have a little faith in him left which is beyond me. I'm giving you this last chance as they had asked me to do. Not because I believe you deserve it but I don't, but because Uncle Adam are willing to put themselves out for you."

  How could he say the thing I want but make me not want it at the same time? It's a special talent that only he possess. He was giving me my freedom but making me bitter about it at the same time.

  "You could do whatever you want but we still have some ground rules you have to follow; one, you have to tell us where you are at all times. Two, you have a weekly meeting with the sheikh before the Jummah prayer. Three, the house door will be closed at 11 sharp-"

  "What, th-"

  "Four, you have a job as a volunteer which we would pay for instead of your allowance starting tomorrow. If you break any of those rules or if I see any attitude and that nonsense from you, I would send you to Islah in a blink of an eye."


  "You are finally out." Holly beamed hugging me the second I arrived at our usual spot in her favorite café.

  "Yes," I sighed in accomplishment. I've been grounded for almost a week but it felt like forever.

  "You did your time?" Holly smirked teasing me as I had been complaining all week long about how unfair Ayman had been.

  The whole time she had been listening she would tell me to just take it and not be angry at Ayman because he wants what's best for me. I didn't argue with her just because I never want to do that but she really doesn't know Ayman that well to talk.

  "Ha ha very funny." I rolled my eyes at her making her giggle and cup my face to give me a kiss melting my heart with that simple touch of hers.

  "Don't be like that, at least you'll have a job and won't cry when I'm working." She teased me making me glare at her.

  "Your job is barely even five hours. I have mine from 8am till 2pm." I frowned.

  "I can come with you in the morning. I volunteered there a lot before. Plus we could spent more time together there." She smiled so wide making my heart swell. She always knew just the right thing to say to make me smile like an idiot even after I had one of the worst days ever. God I'm so lucky to have her.

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