Chapter 63

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  Taking a deep breath, I keep reminding myself of what Zayn said. 'Take him under wing. He trust you, don't break his trust.'

  Every single bone in my body tells me to scold that boy and just tell him what he did wrong but I can't. I need to hear him out first. I need to reassure him that I'm there for him through thick and thin. He can count on me.

  "So?" I quirk a brow unconsciously then quickly straightening my face again.

  "You know about Holly?" He seemed confused and scared at the same time. Something didn't seem right.

  "Your relationship," I say giving him space to come clean about everything but all he does is look at me dumbfounded. 

  "How?" Is all he manages to say and I try my best to control my rising anger and disappointment at him.

  "It doesn't matter. All I want to know is, why? Why did you get in that relationship knowing that it's not right?" I ask with a pleading tone. I want to understand so much. I want a valid reason to defend him, but I know there is none.

  We stood in silence for a few moments, Youssef was contemplating on to say next and I was waiting in anticipation. Youssef then looked at me eyes for second then averted his gaze shrugging making my anger rise up.

  "What do you mean by that?" I tried my best to keep my anger under mere control. I didn't want to lose it and destroy whatever trust we had between us.

  When I got no answer and not even an eye to eye connection I took a deep breath praying to Allah for strength to continue this conversation in peace.

  "Okay, let me ask you this in a different way. Do you think it's okay to date?" I tried a different approach with him.

  "No," He said in a low voice.

  "Then why are you doing this?"

  Again he shrugged and I swear I was on my last nerve with him. I'm so determined not to scold him or yell at him for being so stupid but he is pushing me too far with his attitude.

  An idea crossed my mind that I knew would provoke him enough to speak, "So, can I date too?"

  "No." He replied as if I was stupid.

  "You are already engaged." He rolled his eyes at me.

  "If to say, me and Mazen don't work out and I met an English guy who is really nice, why can't I date him before we get serious?" I saw his disbelieve that I even asked that question and I knew my plan was working.

  "Are you crazy Iman?" Youssef raised an eyebrow at me in disbelieve.

  "No, I'm serious. I have my eye on a nice man who doesn't believe in engagement before dating and I thought since you are with Holly then I have your content." I played innocent in front of him and say his anger rise.

  "Of course not! You can't even see that man! Who is he even? Do I know him?" Youssef's anger was cute. I liked seeing him over protective of me. Oh how I wished he was this protective of himself.

  "Maybe," I teased him a little more just to enjoy his anger.

  "Maybe? Then I do know him!"

  "Why are you so angry for? I'm only thinking of doing what you are doing right now." I got my point across to him and his face went pale in realization.

  "So there is no other man that Mazen?" He quirked a brow at me.

  "Do you even like Holly, Youssef? Or do you like the idea of dating?" I asked returning to the original point I wanted to make.

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