Chapter 1

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Seven years later.

 “Youssef, Wake up or you will be late for school.” I opened the curtains in Youssef’s room.

 He turned and pulled the covers over his head. I went to his bed and removed the covers. “C’mon Youssef, it’s your last day of school. Don’t you want to say goodbye to your friends?”

“I know. You don’t have to keep reminding me,” he groaned and got out of bed lazily, stretching his arms while yawning, “I’m sure if I just talked to Uncle Adam, he would let me stay here with him.” He tried pushing his luck with me a thousand times.

 Sitting next to him on the bed, my blue eyes met his big brown ones. I loved looking at his eyes. They reminded me so much of dad’s.

Sighing, I put my hand on his shoulder for support. “You know you can’t do that. We have been a burden on him for a long time now.” I reasoned with him.

“But he is our uncle, and he cares for our education. He won’t let me move to another school.” He whined like a baby. Usually when he whines and pouts like this I would give in, but this time the matter was too important to let Youssef’s selfishness ruin it.

 “I’m sure they have decent schools in London.” I rolled my eyes and got up from his bed.

 “But what if the kids there treat me badly because of my religion?” He whispered making me turn to face him as my heart sunk in my chest.

 When we first moved here, Youssef and I were bullied for being Muslims. It never bothered me, if anything it made my faith grow stronger but it had a very bad effect on Youssef.

 He would cry in his room and not want to go to school. It was a very hard time for him but with time, people got used to him and the bullying finally stopped and he became social again. He even had a large group of friends here.

 “Dad used to always say ‘Words can’t affect you unless you let them’.” Youssef nodded, looking distant then he got up from his bed and stood in front of me, making me look up to his face since he was taller than me.

 “I wish he was here,” he whispered.

 “Me too.” My voiced cracked. Clearing my throat, I looked up in Youssef’s eyes. ”C’mon get ready or you will be late.” I said to him and then walked out of his room.

 I went downstairs and entered the kitchen where I found aunt Lea, Uncle Adam’s wife, making breakfast.

 “Morning,” she said, smiling and offering me a cup of coffee which I took happily.

 “Morning. How are the guys today?” I asked pointing at her belly. She was five months pregnant with twins.

 “Great actually, we had no morning sickness and I slept for the first time in a week without anyone kicking from the inside,” she said happily as she took a sip from her orange juice.

“Morning all,” Uncle Adam said when he entered the kitchen. He was wearing one of his expensive suits for his job interview today. He had to quit his old job and get a new one as his salary wasn’t enough for a family of nearly six people.

 “Looking sharp today,” I smiled, pouring him a cup of coffee.

 “Yeah, gotta look good for my second wife, eh?” He winked at me, teasing Aunt Lea who hit his shoulder playfully.

 “I don’t even think you will live long enough to get a second wife,” she teased him back pointing to her knife.

 “Babe, why do you get all temper for? You are my one and only.” He leaned over the kitchen island to give her a sweet kiss on the cheek. They were the cutest couple ever.

 “She’s already pregnant.” Youssef smirked when he entered the kitchen. He was wearing a low waste black ripped jeans, black snapback with a snake picture and combat boots.

 “Is this how you are going to school?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with it?” He shrugged, looking down at his outfit.

“You look like a homeless person and for god’s sake pull your pants up,” I scolded him.

“I do not look like a homeless person, I look like a bad boy and girls will be throwing themselves at me.” He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in a sassy way, but I wouldn’t have this kind of attitude.

 “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” I said sternly, “and who exactly gave you that stupid idea?”

 “It’s not stupid. Zayn Malik wears these clothes and girls throw themselves at him all the time.”

 “Again with Zayn Malik, He is different than us,” I said impatiently. I was tired of him always bringing up that Zayn Malik boy in every argument we have.

“Yes, he is. He is a Muslim brit, just like me.” He raised his voice slightly and I was about to scold him about it when Uncle Adam interrupted us.

“Kids, stop this please. Jo, if you like what you are wearing and the school isn’t going to send you home because of it then you can wear it.” Youssef thanked Uncle Adam and raised his eyebrows at me victoriously then went to wait in the car. God, he was so annoying.

 “As for you Iman, you have to loosen up with him. He is just a kid,” Uncle Adam said once Youssef was out of the house.

 “I know Uncle, but I only want what’s good for him. I don’t want him to end up like one of those messed up kids we see all of the time,” I sighed.

 “I know honey. But he is still young and he wants to be like kids his age. Try to guide him without pushing him away from you, okay?” He advised me then kissed my head before leaving.

 Taking a deep breath, I said goodbye to aunt Lea then went to my car where Youssef was waiting for me to drive him to school.

 The car ride was awkward at first. Both of us was ignoring the other, too stubborn to apologize but when his school came in sight my heart ached and I knew I couldn’t leave him get out of the car when we are both made at each other.

 “Youssef, wait,” I said before he got out of the car, “you know I only argue with you because I want what’s best for you. I’m not doing this to upset you or make you feel less than your friends.” I said trying to fix the situation. After all he is my baby brother and I felt protective of him.

 “I know Iman, and I’m sorry for yelling I didn’t mean it.” He looked down in an apologetic way.

 “I know you didn’t.” I lifted his chin up so he was looking at me then I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

 “Ew, Iman. Not in front of my school.” He leaned back then unbuckled his seat belt and went out of the car.

 “Have a good day, I love you.” I yelled as he ran to the school and waved at me, smiling on his way there making me smile at his adorableness while watching him leave.



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