Chapter 61

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~Iman's P.O.V~

  "Youssef, please! Ayman would flip if you didn't come with us today." Yasmin sighed desperately trying to convince Youssef but to no avail.

  "Why should Ayman even care? Iman doesn't and he is her fiancé." Youssef crossed his arms over his chest huffing in annoyance. He did have a point there but Ayman was too traditional to care for my opinion on the matter.

  "Yeah well, you still have to come Youssef. It's just for a couple of hours." I took my shot at convincing him.

  "I still don't want to go. Why should I? No one would care if I didn't go but for Ayman. And I don't care what he thinks." Youssef said stubbornly. He'd had it in him for a while to piss Ayman off for being so bossy of him.

  "I would. I want you with me." I tried a softer approach with him. I know he had a soft spot for me.

  "No, you wouldn't. You would be too busy with Mazen to even notice me there." He rolled his eyes pronouncing Mazen's name with a high pitched tone.

  "Why did you say Mazen like that?" I tried to stop myself from chuckling.

  "Cause he's perfect. Oh look at me, I'm Mazen, everyone loves me cause I'm perfect." He continued with his high pitched annoyed tone making both Yasmin and I chuckle.

  "That's not nice." I tried to be serious but I failed due to my suppressed laughter. I couldn't help it though, I do feel Mazen acts that stuck up sometimes.

  "He's not nice as well." Youssef shrugged not really paying that much attention. Or pretending to anyways but I noticed his pretentious act. I know him far too well.

   "What do you mean?" I quirked a brow at him.

  Sighing deeply, Youssef shrugged and took a seat trying not to look at me in the eyes making me even more suspicious of him.

  "Youssef." I insisted with a stern tone.

  "He is just...I don't know. He is just too good. Too perfect. I don't like him." Youssef admitted looking at me with sad eyes. I knew he felt guilty about his feelings especially that Mazen is my fiancé and his soon to be brother in law but if Youssef was bad at one thing, it was pretending to like someone.


  "Mazen, you are one lucky man." Mazen's dad beamed once we entered their house.

  I've visited this house way too many times before in many occasions but to be honest, it had never been this radiate or happy before. I guess Mr. Maher's presence with his family just lifts the whole spirit up.

  "I really am." Mazen smiled looking at me making me smile back out of politeness.

  Normally, I would feel a little giddy when Mazen make a comment like that but today I'm just not feeling it.

  Maybe seeing Zayn today had something to do with it. I don't know why but whenever Zayn's around Mazen's image gets a little bad in my mind. Even though today Mazen had done nothing wrong and said no offensive comments to Zayn, but the same feeling is there for me.

  Or perhaps it was what Youssef said to me earlier before about his feelings towards Mazen. Youssef wasn't one of those people to just dislike people. He didn't care that much to find faults in people. He genuinely just ignores people he didn't care about so for him to say what he said, I knew there must've been a reason behind it.

  "So, Youssef, I heard you've been helping around at the charity. That's great." Mazen's dad started a conversation with Youssef since he was mobbing all day.

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