coach // niall horan [editing] by nialluur
coach // niall horan [editing]by ela
he was just my little brother's football coach, why am I falling for him?
  • malik
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kardashian | h.s. by rockstarstyles
kardashian | rockstarstyles
DISCLAIMER: i never edit my chapters so if you notice a typo or something just let me know and i'll fix it! :) kaia jenner is the second youngest of the kardashian/jenne...
  • direction
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Ash - h.s. by NikeyStyles
Ash - ✧ brooke ✧
Unknown: heyyyyy cutie Me: Um.....hi? Unknown: im like really drunk pls send halp Me: Who is this? Unknown: Pikachu Me: And I'm Ash Copyright 2018: NikeyStyles
  • fanfiction
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i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson by uniquelyxlarry
i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinsonby kayla marie
"you're so small." as if to prove his point, louis squeezed harry tightly in his arms, and harry just scrunched up a little bit, snuggling his head impossibly...
  • harrystyles
  • louistomlinson
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Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AU by ktk446
Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AUby Hi
"I'll keep her as my little pet." COVER BY // @raesarai (I guess people thought this was like some sort of pet-play kink but lol no I didn't know that existed...
  • master
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Babysitting with Niall // niall horan by nialluur
Babysitting with Niall // niall ela
Exactly how did I end up babysitting the nephew of my favorite childhood band member? © nialluur
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possessive // h.s. au. by things-icant
possessive // h.s. r
"you're all mine now princess."
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Unexpected // H.S A.U ✔ by lirryisall
Unexpected // H.S A.U ✔by Lorena
"I got a boner, f-from Aggie," I blurted as I plopped down on the couch. Liam closed the door and warily walked towards me, "Okay, let's take this slow...
  • love
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DANGEROUSLY HIS (h.s.) by StylesTrish
DANGEROUSLY HIS (h.s.)by StylesTrish
He was bad, and even though she didn't want to admit it, she loved it with her entire being. BOOK 1 brokenheartedgirl69: i literally got tingles in my belly RecklessDemo...
  • payne
  • onedirection
  • possesive
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Babysitting One Direction by SunshineFace
Babysitting One Directionby Emma
All eighteen year old Anna Lee wanted was a summer babysitting job. That's exactly what she got when she received a call from someone named Simon requesting a babysitter...
  • harry
  • emma
  • louis
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DEAR HARRY, | H.S. by st0ckholm-styles
DEAR HARRY, | Kennedy Stone
What happens when you email Harry Styles for relationship advice...and he responds? Highest Ranking- #9 in Fanfiction
  • direction
  • love
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The Doctor (Harry Styles AU) by SarcasticScorpion_1
The Doctor (Harry Styles AU)by Blue
Highest ranking - #1 in harrystyles & #3 in psychiatrist "You saved my life doctor...thank you so much" she smiled. "No, that's what you did" Harry s...
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  • direction
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Better H.S by Curlykiwi
Better H.Sby a ghost.
Harry Styles moves to LA to get away from the busy town of NYC and to meet new people. He wanted a stress free life and to just finish University without any problem but...
  • baby
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When Lennon met Harry  by GotTheStyles
When Lennon met Harry by GotTheStyles
Lennon somehow manages to drift her way into every girls dream job, being part of Harry Styles inner circle of employees, despite the fact that she neither looks nor act...
  • fanfic
  • realworld
  • styles
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The Bachelor - H.S. by LunaxxStyles
The Bachelor - Luna
All reality shows are fake, aren't they? Nobody could possibly fall in love on television, even if The Bachelor is Harry Styles. A Bachelor AU in which Harry Styles is t...
  • thebachelor
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The Assistant ➵ h.s by WeTukAChonce_
The Assistant ➵ h.sby M
Jade Collins is a 19 years old teenager. She has just completed her degree for Media Makeup at the College of Fashion, in London. Just as she is done her last day at col...
  • love
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CEO [H.S] ( COMPLETED ) by Richy_Richy
CEO [H.S] ( COMPLETED )by King Rich 👑💜
She was a young girl with ambition... He was a CEO that didn't think love was possible..., but what happens when a young assistant shows him a world he never knew? Ranki...
  • harrystylesfanfiction
  • zayn
  • wattys2018
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The Marks You Left // niall horan  by nialluur
The Marks You Left // niall horan by ela
If Elle knew all along, why did she take so long to tell Niall? Book Two of BWN Series © nialluur 2018-19
  • zayn
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Just Hold On-A Louis Tomlinson Ageplay Story by louisandpenguins
Just Hold On-A Louis Tomlinson louisandpenguins
After his mother's death, Louis begins to fall apart. Between his grief, the pressure to stay strong for his siblings and the stress of debuting his solo career, it all...
  • ageplay
  • louis
  • justholdon
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Extremely Short Horror Stories (Two Sentence Horror Stories) by ____joelk
Extremely Short Horror Stories ( Joel K
The largest collection of two and one sentence horror stories on watt pad. Cover by @wordgirlalways
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