Chapter 43

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~Youssef’s P.O.V~

  To say that my life is perfect is an underestimation to what I’m feeling right now.

  For the first time in my life, everything is going my way. I have more friends than I can remember their names, I have a beautiful girlfriend who I hang out with daily, I’m practically an online celebrity thanks to Zayn and as for my siblings they have been laying off of me lately.

  Each of them busy with their own lives; Ayman has been working on a new deal for the company so he has been working extra hours and I rarely even see him now, and Iman has been busy with Yasmin around the house.

  One thing that hadn’t changed was my daily meetings with Sheikh Ibrahim. I still had to go to those. He was a cool guy I can’t deny that, but I had better things to do with my time. Plus I don’t see the purpose of going there anymore.

  Laying on my bed, I was contemplating whether I should pretend to be sick to avoid my meeting with the sheikh today or should I just suck it up and go. I’m having one of those lazy days where I just want to spend my day in bed doing nothing, just texting my girl all day.

  Speaking of my girl, I felt my phone vibrate under my pillow. Unlocking it, I read the message from ‘My babe’. Yes, I’m that corny;

   My babe;Morning babe ;)

  Smiling like an idiot, I hit that reply button;

   Jo; ‘Morning sexy ;) did you sleep well yesterday?

  My babe; ‘Not really. :(

  My babe; ‘Someone kept texting me all night and I had to wake up early to do some things for my dad -.-‘

  Jo; ‘You texting other guys… plying around much O.o’

  My babe; ‘Shut up. It was you jerk -.-‘

  Jo; ‘IK, I’m just messing with you.’

  My babe; ‘well, I’m hella tired and I still have loads of stuff to do today :(‘

  Jo; ’Aw, I’m sorry babe. How about I make it up to you today with a surprise ;)’

  My babe; ‘A surprise? What is it?’

  Jo; ‘It won’t be a surprise if I told you ;)’

  My babe; ‘hmm.. fine :(. Come surprise me then. :D’

  Jo: ‘Come surprise me? Really? What kind of surprise is that? I won’t tell you when.’

  My babe; ‘So you are gonna torture me all day? :(‘

  Jo; ‘It’s gonna be worth it. Promise. ;)’

  Hearing a light knock on my door, I quickly locked my phone and hid it under the covers as my heart pumped hard in my chest from the mini panic attack I had.

  “Youssef,” Iman said in a low voice entering the room, “Are you up?”

  “Yeah, Iman.” I replied pulling a small smile.

  “It’s almost 8. C’mon or you are going to be late for your meeting with the sheikh.” She said sitting next to me on the bed.

  “Can I skip today? I’m not feeling so great.” I easily faked a sick voice frowning a little and trying to give her a puppy eye look to master my role even though she caught on my act every single time.

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