Chapter 29

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~Zayn’s P.O.V~

            Lately I’ve been pretty busy with the new book we just released and the upcoming album’s promo.

            My day goes like this; I wake up at around midday grab a bit then wait for my ride for whatever location chosen by management for the promo where I literally spend all day there being asked stupid questions by people pretending to like the sh*t we are promoting even though I’m sure they didn’t even read the book or listen to the album.

            But hey, at least I have the boys with me. We always have a laugh when we are together. Especially if we are having a long promo day. These are the funniest.

            “What’s up with you mate?” Liam asked when I stared to daze off again. I seem to be doing that a lot.

            “Nothing bro.” I brushed it off patting his shoulder as I followed him to the next room to do yet another boring interview.

            To be fair, my mind was a little pre-occupied with Iman.

            It was really weird but the thought of her was possessing me like a child dreaming of going to Disney land for the first time.

            She was all I could think about when I was alone or had a second to myself. I hated the fact that she considered me just a neighbor. I wasn’t even a friend, even after everything I did.

            I went from someone she despised, to a decent guy, to a possible friend till this ‘only neighbors’ stage in a matter of months. I was going so well until I broke down in front of her and that was probably I lost all respect she had for me, if she ever had any.

            Sighing, I opened my Instagram again checking out one of Jo’s post. It was a family picture of him, his older brother, his sister and a middle aged man.

            The middle aged man was wrapping his arms around Iman in a protective way and she was smiling widely, a beautiful smile. A smile she never showed me before.

            Looking down at the picture I wished I was the one holding her like that. I couldn’t help but feel like I’m not good enough for her. I’m not good enough for her to let me hold her or have her smile at me like that. I wasn’t even good enough for her to give me a second look.

            “Whatcha looking at mate?” Louis startled me as he popped his head a little to have a better view of my screen making me panic and click on the picture by mistake before clicking on my home button.

            “Who’s that?” Louis smirked.

            “No one.” I said rolling my eyes in a bit of annoyance.

            “Okay guys. You have ten minutes for this one. Everyone hold a book and please try to act interested.” Paul said pointing his head to both Louis and I.

            “Can’t make any promises.” Louis chuckled and I gave him a knowing smirk. They always asked the same boring questions. It wouldn’t hurt to do a little research people.

            The interview dragged on. We had a little laugh with the pictures inside the book. It was the first actual time we had a proper look at the full thing from cover to cover.

            I was checking through the pages when I saw this ridiculous picture of Niall making a kissy face to the camera making me chuckle as I poked his side and showed him the picture and he just rolled my eyes, “I bet you were a little drunk here.”

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