Chapter 25

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~Iman’s P.O.V~

                It was almost 10PM when we finally finished dinner. I was so glad that Auntie Sana had yet to comment on Youssef’s disappearance but at the same time, I feared Ayman’s reaction when Youssef does come.

                What could’ve made him be this late?

                My mind began to think of the worst a time passed. Did something happen to him? Was that why he didn’t answer his phone?

                “Dinner was lovely, Iman. I got so full, I think I might explode,” Auntie Sana’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts as she chuckled on her own joke.

                “I’m glad you liked it Auntie.” I tried to pull on a polite smile not letting my thoughts make me a bad host.

                “I did, sweetie. I think I’m going to sleep now. I can barely open my eyes.” She yawned walking up stairs as I mumbled a ‘good night’ to her but I didn’t think she caught on it.

                Cleaning off the dinner table, I noticed Yasmin and Ayman were talking at the head of the table so I tried my best to start at the end first to avoid any ‘looks’ from Ayman.

                Aimlessly, I billed the empty plates together to put them on the sink not really focusing on what I was doing as I glanced from the clock to the door every second I could.

                Worry began to wash over me as I placed the dishes on the sink. I went to the table again and grabbed my phone then dialed Youssef’s number for the hundred time hoping for at least an answer this time but still I got nothing.

                Feeling someone’s presence next to me, I turned my head from my phone screen to the table to find Yasmin grabbing the chicken serves. My cheeks heated from the look Ayman gave me, making me feel like the worst host ever.

                Quickly, I tried to take the serves off her hands without startling her though, I didn’t want another mess to clean, “Here, let me do it. You just go relax in the living room.” I smiled nicely.

                “I don’t mind helping. Plus, you did this whole feast by yourself, its least I could do.” She smiled.

                “You are my guest. You should just set, relax and do nothing.” I insisted.

                “I’m not just a gust. I’m staying for three months. And to be honest, I feel useless watching you do all this work for us while I’m perfectly cable of helping.” She smiled taking the serves to the kitchen. And I let her do it without any more insisting.

                If she feels like she wants to help from time to time then I should just let her. I mean, it’s not like I’m asking her to help or anything, she was the one to offer it. That didn’t make me a bad host, did it?

                The look on Ayman’s face said otherwise.

                Swallowing, I let her help me carry the plates and silverware off the table then insisted on that she did help and that she joins Ayman in the living room as I did the dishes. At first she wanted to help with the dishes too but when I mentioned Ayman, she smiled lightly then agreed.

                Walking back to the kitchen alone, I decided on ringing Youssef one more time before starting on the dishes and to my surprise he actually cancelled my call.

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