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Sold to a Wolf Pack

Sold to a Wolf Pack

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Mia Meade By MiaMeade Updated Sep 07, 2015

When Saffron's dad sells her to the pack to settle his gambling debts, she becomes the pack slave.  A punching bag for everyone to order around and laugh at. Nothing will stop her from running away the first chance she gets, not even the hot Alpha she's falling for. 
Logan thought he'd never find his mate until Saffron came along. It should have been love at first sight, but his mate is a weak Omega, not the powerful Luna he's been waiting for. 
Will Logan be able win her love and trust before it's too late? Or will Saffron run away, breaking both their hearts?


I can't believe my dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debts! Everyone in the pack treats me like their slave, ordering me around and laughing at me. It's horrible, but I can tough it out. I always do. Except that I totally have a crush on the Alpha's son - who must think I'm a complete loser!


Werewolf / Teen Fiction / Romance / Paranormal

Cover Art by _aleeexxr

Like, I see your points (they bug me as well), but, dude. Seriously. Like, she's a person, too!
Bruh.... I think your ego's overweight. Might wanna work on that.
sissymus sissymus Nov 08, 2016
What is wrong with being jealous it just shows that ur companion cares for u
Lawkos Lawkos May 19, 2016
Bear facts theory: In the woods, in the moonlight, when a bear stands on his hind legs and raises his head after drinking from the lake - with water dripping from his hairy chin - he looks just like a werewolf.
theskyisfulloflove theskyisfulloflove Jun 16, 2016
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kotam45 kotam45 Jul 28, 2016
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