SBAWP | Chapter 43

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Huge congratulations to the STAWP contest winner, BronzeFlicker... who'll appear in a short story this Saturday with two Sold to a Wolf Pack characters!!! 

 who'll appear in a short story this Saturday with two Sold to a Wolf Pack characters!!! 

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"I know you don't want to hurt me Logan, but your wolf—"

"No, Saf." Logan shakes his head. "My wolf never wanted to hurt you. Neither of us did."

"Then why did you...?" I shake my head in frustration. "You were so angry, Logan. In the janitor's closet, you were so close to losing control..."

"I wasn't..." Logan runs a hand through his hair. "Saf, I wasn't even angry. Look, it's... It was Father's idea."

"What? He ordered you to hit me?" Which, come to think of it, makes perfect sense.

"No," Logan tries to deny it, but I ignore him.

"That's it, isn't it?" I cry, jumping to my feet. I can't believe I actually thought I could stay here and be part of this pack, when all along POW was just finding ways to get revenge. I spin around and storm off toward the door as angry tears spring to my eyes. Logan's fast on my heels, and just as I reach for the doorknob, he grabs my arm and pulls me to a halt.

"Saf, will you listen to me?" he shouts, spinning me around to face him. "That's not what happened, not even close. Father would never order someone to hurt you."

"Like he didn't order Zara to make me clean her room?" I shout. "And make breakfast? And... and..." I draw a blank.

"You knew about that?" Logan looks taken aback.

"Oh course I knew about that." I roll my eyes. "He is such a coward. If he wanted to hit me, he should have done it himself instead of... of..."

"Father didn't want to hit you," Logan shouts. "He was trying to help you."

"Help me?" I roll my eyes. "By getting his son to beat me up?"

"Of course not." Logan growls in frustration. I take an instinctive step away from him, and when my back hits the door, I realize that I've had enough.

"Then what?" I shout, my whole body vibrating with anger. Logan looks at my response in surprise, and a smile plays on his lips until my next words. "Scare me? Make me think you actually liked me?"

I'm so done with this whole Omega act and with this entire pack. I can't believe I let myself think I'd have a place here, with Logan, when it was all part of POW's plan all along.

"Of course I like you," Logan says huskily, his words warming me almost as much as his touch does when he gently takes my hands in his. "Saf, will you just listen to me, please?"

"Yeah." I nod, even as a part of screams that I shouldn't get my hopes up.

"Okay, look. When I first saw you, I just wanted to be with you, but I'm an Alpha, and you were an Omega..." Logan pauses and waits, as if those words somehow explain everything, and then adds, "so Father suggested we challenge you."

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