STAWP | Chapter 26

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"Oh, I cook breakfast every morning," I tell Luna. "Not for this many people, but I can manage."

Luna looks surprised and I start wonder if a true Omega would have said that. The confidence is definitely a no-no. "I mean if you don't mind," I mumble, looking down at the floor, "or I can just watch."

Luna laughs. "No, you go ahead, Saffron."

"Just Sofie is fine." I smile. Luna's just so nice, I can't help liking her.

"I think I'll still call you Saffron, if that's alright with you?" she asks. "It has a certain ring to it."

I'm not sure what she means, but I nod. There's something kind and motherly about Luna, so I don't really mind her calling me by my given name. Then again, even if I did, I guess as an Omega I can't really object.

"Do you have a hairclip?" I ask. I have loose brown curls that almost reach my waist and I know that if I'm not careful, I could end up setting them on fire.

"Here you go." Luna pulls a thin black hair tie from her pant pocket and hands it to me.

"Thanks." I pull my curls back into a ponytail and wrap the hair tie around it twice to make sure it will hold. When I'm done, Luna hands me a few packages of raw meat and I get to work. I alternate between flipping sausages, checking the kitchen cupboards to see what seasoning and sauces I can use, and moving what I've cooked to the heated trays that Luna set out.

I'm so focused on my work that I barely notice when someone comes up behind me. I figure it must be Luna checking up on my work and only realize it's Logan when I hear his sexy voice next to my ear. "Hi, Sofie," he whispers.

A shiver runs down my spine and I have to focus on setting my spatula down without dropping it, before turning to face him. Logan's dressed casually in dark-wash jeans and a t-shirt that's the same color as the upstairs shower curtain. That reminds me of last night—showering butt-naked while Logan was in the room and then making out with him—and I start to blush.

Logan grins as though he knows exactly what I'm thinking. He leans in and for a second I think he's going to kiss me right here and now. It's embarrassing how much I want him to, even though we're in the kitchen and his mom and the Jacobses are right here! I start to close my eyes, but Logan turns his head to the left and takes a sniff of my hair.

"Mmm... Sausages." He grins and then walks past me, towards Luna. I sniff my long ponytail, wondering if I'm going to smell like cooked meat for the rest of the day. I only pick up a faint whiff of shampoo, but I'm probably too used to the smell of cooking meat to be able to tell.

I watch Logan greet Luna with a kiss on the cheek before heading back towards me. At least he hasn't criticized my clothes or told me to change, though I guess there's still time for that. Maybe he just hasn't noticed.

"Sausages are burning," Logan tells me, grinning, and walks out of the kitchen.

Now, instead of wanting to kiss him, I feel like chasing after him and throwing some of the burnt sausages at his head. Jerk. I trash the burnt meat and then take a few deep breaths to calm down.

When I no longer feel the urge to kill Logan, I go back to cooking. I've probably been at it for another half an hour when Luna comes up and asks me to start moving the heated trays to the dining room. If she's noticed something unusual about my exchange with Logan, she doesn't say so.

I wrap my hand in a towel, pick up a tray, and head out of the kitchen. In the dining room, I find Logan sitting at one of the chairs, texting on his phone. I put the tray of sausages on the sideboard and pointedly ignore him, heading back to the kitchen.

"Come here, Sofie," Logan orders, his voice stopping me in my tracks. I want to storm off, but I have an Omega image to keep up, so I turn around and take a few hesitant steps towards him. When I'm within reach, Logan grabs my arm and pulls me onto his lap.

"I like what you're wearing," he tells me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Oh," I breathe out. It's hard to think when he's this close.

Logan threads his fingers into my hair and pulls me towards him until I can feel his breath on my lips. He kisses me gently, sweetly, and pulls back, leaving me wanting more. I stare at him, dazed, hoping he'll do it again.

"You should get back to work before Mom catches us," he tells me, his words bringing me out of my stupor. I scramble off his lap, blushing, and Logan snickers.

I head back to the kitchen and Luna hands me a tray of pancakes. I bring it out, ignoring Logan the whole time. When I finally do sneak a peek at him, I realize that he's on his phone and not even paying me any attention.

"You know, you didn't actually have to set all the plates out," Logan tells me, not looking up from his phone. "You could have just left them over there." He gestures at the sideboard.

I groan, set down the pancakes, and head back for another tray. I just don't get Logan. One second, he's super into me, and the next like he couldn't care less. It's almost as if he has an on-off switch that he can just flip back and forth at will... as if he's playing some sort of game and I just don't have enough experience with boys to know the rules.

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