LBAWP | Chapter 25

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We're seconds away from a head-on collision with the oncoming car when Jess takes the wheel and spins it sharply to the right.

Please save us. I pray to the Moon Goddess.

I think she listens, because we somehow manage to avoid the coupe. Our car zooms across the lane and bounces down the hill and into the forest. Behind us, tires squeal. Thick-trunked trees stand guard ahead.

"Hold on!" Saf shouts as Jess slams onto the break.

The car goes into a spin. I know we're going to crash. It's unavoidable, and no longer clear if we'll do it head on, sideways, or backwards.

Please, I beg the Moon Goddess. I don't care what happens to me, just don't let my mate die. Don't let the others die.

A second later my prayers are answered. The car comes out of the spin diagonally and the tree trunk looms directly in front of me.

We slam into it with a jarring boom that echoes through the forest. A second later, the airbag explodes and punches me in the face.

My heart pounds in my ears and I take deep breaths as reality catches up with me. Then, all I hear is silence.

"Saf?!" I shout as I fight against the airbag so I can turn to look at her.

"I'm alright," she groans.

"Mom?" Amaryllis cries on a breathless whimper.

"Fine, baby." Mrs. Jones lets out a pained moan.

"Jess?" I ask, turning to look at my ex.

"I'm okay," she whimpers, her face pale, eyes wide. "I'm so sorry."

"You saved us." I flash back to the coupe heading straight at us. To the way she managed to avoid it.

"I drove off the road," Jess turns to look at me, her eyes filling with tears. "I heard a scream and..."

"What matters is that everyone is safe," I tell her resolutely.

She looks back at me with such wide-eyed hope that I'm forced to turn away.

I have this sudden urge to look at my Saffron again, but she's holding up fingers dripping with blood. Human blood. Feeling a little faint, I face up front again, but not before I see a flash of blue in my peripheral vision. The coupe—the same one we nearly hit—is backing up parallel to the road.

"Shit! Someone's coming." I struggle against the deployed airbag, which won't let me reach for the door handle. "We can't let them see the blood." Or the two naked girls, I silently add.

"I got this!" Jess cries. She stumbles out of the car, slams the door shut, and starts to hike up the hill toward the coupe.

She pastes on a smile and waves at the other driver, a middle-aged man, who frowns back at her. Her apology is muffled, but I catch the words tow truck, and possibly skunk.

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