SBAWP | Chapter 32

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"OMG! What's her house like? Are there like, a gazillion rooms?" Kaitlin squeals, her eyes aglow.

I can feel a Kaitlin-induced headache coming on, but I remind myself that she's saving my mate's life and that I should be nice. Plus, Doctor Dev left ten minutes ago to check on the rogues and I do not want Kaitlin to freak out while she's gone.

Okay, yeah, Mother's right next door, checking on Nisha and Joshie. Doctor Dev Dev also has her phone set up so it'll alert her if anyone's heart rates or blood pressures spike, but I still don't want anything to happen on my watch.

"The Luna's pack house is a lot bigger than ours," I tell Kaitlin, "and she owns way more land than we do."

"She does," Jasper chimes in. "She practically owns the entire town."

"Wow." Kaitlin closes her eyes, leans her head back against the bed and sighs. "She's really rich too, huh?"

"Loaded." Our pack is pretty well off, but compared to the Luna's, we're downright poor. Once Saf's all better, and we've taken care of the rogues, I'm going to take her to see it. I can't say the Luna's pack house is fun to visit, but it's definitely worth seeing. I can't say the Luna's pack house is fun to visit, but it's definitely worth seeing.

Jasper and I spend at least twenty minutes describing everything we saw during our visit, from the color of the living room couch—I think he just makes that up, and it's not actually red, but who knows—to the sizes of the bedrooms. Those are pretty memorable, and we take turns describing the four poster beds, silk sheets, and in-suite bathrooms.

Our pack may not have the same luxuries as the Luna's, but it's definitely a much better place to live. We don't have to dress up in suits every time we come down to dinner, and we can just grab whatever food we want from the buffet and chat with our friends while we eat. If we actually had to carry on polite conversation while eating fancy-looking, plain-tasting food served by Omegas every day, we'd go crazy.

We tell Kaitlin all that, and explain how boring Luna's constant lectures about "comportment" and "proper behavior," are, but she doesn't seem to care. I'm sure if she were to visit and see for herself—which she never will, since invitations are very exclusive—she'd change her mind. Not that I really care, as long as it keeps her occupied.

"How's everyone doing?" Doctor Dev pops back in and checks Saf's and Zara's vitals. One she's sure everything looks good, she lets us keep talking, which gives Jasper and me a chance to describe the Luna's huge two hundred car garage. Kaitlin wants to know about the ballroom next, and we just finish making up what the chandelier looks like—huge and expensive, made of gold and diamonds—when Doctor Dev comes over to unhook Kaitlin's IV. "Kaitlin, want you to rest for a while before you head back to your room, okay?"

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