LBAWP | Chapter 7

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Are you ready to find out what happened to Saf? Logan sure is.

Are you ready to find out what happened to Saf? Logan sure is

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"Have you seen Saf?" I shout as I storm into Jasper's room with Father fast on my heels. "I can't find her anywhere."

Jasper quickly pauses the movie he's got going on his laptop. The loud explosions echoing through the room instantly stop, replaced by echoing silence.

"Yeah." He takes in my fuming expression, glances at my Pissed Off Wolf of a Father, and frowns. "Is everything okay?"

"Yes." Father snaps. "What was she doing here?"

"She stopped by to see Zara?" Jasper continues frowning as he glances down at her unconscious form. For a second, we all stay quiet, watching her, as if we expect her to suddenly wake up. She doesn't. I guess if neither the movie nor my shouting roused her, staring at her won't help. Even Dr. Dev isn't sure what will, except praying to the Moon Goddess, and I feel a wave of sympathy for Jasper.

"When was she here?" I ask softly.

"Maybe ten minutes ago?" Jasper glances down at his laptop. "Twenty-three, actually. I started the movie right after she left."

"And where did she go?" Father demands over my left shoulder, the anger in his tone spiking my own.

I suddenly have an urge to punch something, or someon. His accusations echo in my head, and thinking about them only makes me angrier. Yeah, Saf pretended to be an Omega, but that was when she thought we might hurt her. She didn't have to tell me that, but she did, and she's my mate. She would never sell out our pack to a bunch of Rogues. I just need her to say all that to Father, so he gets it through that thick, Pissed Off Wolf head of his.

"Saf was looking for Joshie," Jasper says. "Why—"

"The library," Father shouts, and then he's off, marching back down the hall.

"Thanks, Jasp." I grin and rush to follow.

"Logan, wait. What's going on?" My beta shouts after me, but I ignore him and keep running.

I can just picture Father getting to Saf first, growling and shouting for answers, and it makes my heart lurch. I know he wouldn't hurt her—not physically—but what if he scares her so much she actually becomes an Omega? Okay, that's pretty unlikely, but he might still upset her. That, or worse—the thought of anyone making my mate cry—is like a physical punch to the gut. I try to speed up, but Father flings the library door open and storms inside second before I get there.

"Can I help you, Alpha?" Miss Elmers asks in her sing-songy voice. She's sitting on the floor cross-legged with a children's Wolf history book propped on her knee. All the little kids, including Joshie, Nicki and Nisha are in a semi circle facing her, and they all turn their heads to look at Father with matching wide-eyed stares.

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