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"Once I give Saffron the shot, you tell her to shift." Doctor Dev waits for my nod before she continues. "You'll have less than a minute before she passes out again, so be prepared."

"Yes, Doctor."

"Ready?" Doctor Dev flicks the tip of the syringe with her index finger twice and then lowers it toward Saf. She spreads her fur apart, leaving a small injection site on her torso, and then inserts the syringe. She pushes on the end slowly, and the liquid enters my mate's body. Several seconds pass before she removes the syringe, and then several more, yet absolutely nothing happens. Saf stays in wolf form, with her eyes closed, and Doctor Dev and I stand watch her breathe. Even Jasper turns away from to look, his hospital gown rustling as he repositions himself.

"Should I tell her to shift?" I say into the ensuing silence, broken only by the beeping of Zara's heart rate. What was the point of the shot? Is this what it was supposed to do? Or did it not work?

"Not yet," Doctor Dev shakes her head. "But it should kick in any... second... now..."

She pauses after each word and then several more seconds pass, yet once again, absolutely nothing happens. My heart races, and I can feel my palms start to sweat as I hold my breath and wait. A part of me starts to give up hope, while another part of my brain keeps repeating that it will work. My mind goes back and forth like that, or and over.

Then, suddenly, Saf jolts awake. She gasps for air and then her eyes fly open. They lock directly onto me, and I fall to my knees next to her bed. "Saffron!" I cry, cradling her head. I meet her wolf's eyes and she stares back into my human ones. Then, I remember what I'm supposed to do. "Saf, you need to shift."

"You're still in wolf form, Saffron." Doctor Dev tells her. "You need to shift." Saf's gaze leaves mine to look up beyond my shoulder and then returns to me.

"Shift, Saffie." Mother leaves what she's doing at the computer and coming to stand on the other side of Saf's hospital bed. My mate's eyes widen when she hears Mother's voice, and she tries to lift her head so she can look at her, but she can't seem to summon up enough energy. After another second of trying, she drops her head back on the hospital bed, but still doesn't shift.

"Shift, Saffron," Jasper echoes, and Saf's gaze moves to the hospital bed behind me. Then, Father's deep baritone joins in and Saf's gaze snaps to a point behind Doctor Dev. I hadn't even realized Father was still in the room, but there he is, urging my mate to shift along with the rest of us.

No, I can't, Saffron says. I feel a burst of joy at the sound of her voice echoing in my head. She linked. She finally linked! Then, her actual words register.

Please, I beg, running my fingers through the soft fur at the nape of her neck, you have to try.

No, she gaze returns to mine and doesn't leave this time. I'm hurt, Logan.

Honey, I know you're hurting, Doctor Dev says gently, but if you want to heal, you need to shift.

I need to heal, Saf mumbles, her voice getting weaker. I have to be a wolf so I can heal.

No, you don't. You have to trust me. Doctor Dev's voice gets louder and more insistent. You need blood. I have to hook you up to an IV. You need to shift into human form right now!

Please, Saf, I whisper, kissing the top of her head. For me?

Shift, Saffie, Mother adds, placing a gentle hand on Saf's shoulder. You have nothing to be afraid of, Dear.

Saf looks from Mother, to me, to Doctor Dev. Then her gaze moves to Father and mine does too. Can you shift, Saffron? Father asks, and when she lets out a whispered no, he issues the order. "Shift, right now." Father's voice is laced with authority. It's not a request and Saffron's eyes widen in fear as she's forced to obey.

No, please, she whimpers, but I know she's no match for an Alpha's order. She knows it too, and I can see the panic in her eyes as she looks from me to Father and back again, willing one of us to stop what's happening to her.

I want to beg Father to take the order back. No one should be forced to shift against their will. It's one of the first things I learned as Alpha—one of the first things Father taught me. It's too cruel an order to give, even to your worst enemy. Yet I know that if I tell Father to take it back and Saf doesn't shift, she might die.

What happens next is worse. Pain transforms Saf's face as her body starts to shift against her will. One second, she's coated in fur, and the next second it's gone, replaced by human flesh. She's still in wolf form, and the sight is both horrifying and grotesque. Everyone in the room gasps, and I mean everyone: Father, who issued the order; Doctor Dev, who gave Saf the medication so she could shift; Mother and Jasper, who are unwilling witnesses; even me, as I'm forced to watch my mate suffer through something horrifying.

"Saffie," I cry, hugging her half-human half-wolf form as if that will somehow take away her pain. "Doctor Dev, do something!"

"I can't." She squeaks. "Alpha, what's happening?"

"I don't know." Father moans, sounding as shocked and horrified as the rest of us. "I didn't think. I shouldn't have. Oh Goddess..."

Saffron whimpers again and parts of her start to flicker in and out of human form. Her flesh suddenly regains fur, and then her human head replaces her wolf's. Her limbs are transformed into human arms and legs next, but her torso remains a wolf's. The entire time, she cries, first whimpering, and then screaming once her head becomes human.


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