STAWP | Chapter 50

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"What's going on here?" Zara demands, stepping into the room. She's breathing heavily, as if she ran all the way here, and her gaze is moving from Jess to me and then back again.

"I caught Logan making out with her," Jess points at me, as if she still can't believe he'd want to kiss me. Then again, I'm an average-looking Rogue—while Jess is a hot pack wolf—so I can't say I'm surprised.

"You what?" Zara looks at me, her shock genuine. I guess she didn't expect Logan and I would ever hook up either.

"I..." I look down at my feet.

"Oh Jess," Zara's voice breaks, "she didn't know."

"I know she didn't know," Jess spits out. "Which is why I was warning her."

"So you're not mad?" Zara asks, eyeing Jess skeptically.

"Of course I'm mad!" Jess shouts. "How dare he go after her? She's been here less than a day!" Jess turns beet red. "How dare he try to hurt someone else? After what he did to me?" She stomps her foot. "Can't he just wait until he finds his mate and not break anyone else's heart?"

Jess's eyes well up and Zara looks at me for help. I consider backtracking out of the room, but before I get a chance to move, Jess breaks into tears. She somehow manages to sob, hyperventilate, and shake with some mixture of rage and frustration, all at the same time.

"Oh, Jess," Zara cries and rushes to hug her friend. I stop backing out of the room and stand there awkwardly, trying to figure out if I should say something or leave and give them some privacy.

As I watch Jess blubber all over Zara, I'm relieved that at least I'm not that much of a mess over Logan. Yes, I'm hurt, and yes, I want to see him again, but I can hold all those feelings in and not break down. Even if Logan is only hooking up with me to pass the time until he finds his mate. It shouldn't even matter to me, not when I plan to run away. So what if what we shared didn't mean anything to him? It's over now, or will be the moment I set foot outside the pack house and don't look back.

"I hate him," Jess whispers, her sobs quieting.

"I know," Zara tells her, patting her back. "I know."

Jess wipes her face with her shirt and slowly pulls back.

"I'm sorry, Soff," Zara turns to me. "If I'd known this would happen, I wouldn't have left you alone with him."

"You did what?" Jess turns on Zara.

"It's not like he was hitting on her or anything," Zara defends herself. "He was just being the Alpha's son, you know, supportive? He just wanted to help when he found out she couldn't link." Zara covers her mouth with a gasp, her lips forming a shocked 'o.'

"What do you mean she can't link?" Jess looks at me. "Everyone can link."

"I can't." I shrug. "Logan was going to teach me."

"I bet he was going to teach you," Jess declares angrily. "He was just using that as an excuse to get in your pants."

"He did not," I defend him. "He tried to teach me, it just didn't work. Then he walked me back to my room and, well..." I blush, skipping over the part where he cooked lunch and the part where he told me he liked me. Jess doesn't need to know that.

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