SBAWP | Chapter 40

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Hope you guys enjoyed STAWP from Zara's POV! 

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I rush through my shower because I'm honestly kind of scared of this entire fancy bathroom

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I rush through my shower because I'm honestly kind of scared of this entire fancy bathroom. I swear it was made for royalty—not a regular person like me. It's got sparkling marble counters, a huge Jacuzzi tub, and a glass-walled walk-in shower with no curtains. None!

I double-check to make sure the door is locked, but still feel complete exposed as I take off my hospital gown. Since I don't really have a choice, I step inside the shower and look for some way to turn it on. There's a button in front of me, so I push it, then gasp when half a dozen massage jets of ice cold water hit me from all sides. I look around wildly for a way to turn them off, and spot a dial, but when I turn it, the number of massage jets doubles, and the pressure from the freezing cold water increases. I let out a yelp—both from cold shock and the fact that the massage jets are actually painful—while instinct urges me to grab the shower door handle and run.

"Are you alright in there, Saffron?" Luna calls from right outside the door.

"Yes, everything's fine," I shout in a panic as I spot another dial. I turn it, and the water temperature turns warmer, then focus on the jets. I twist the original dial, and the demon shower triples its assault.

With a groan, I turn the dial yet again. This time, one jet hits me straight in the face, making me sputter. Only self-preservation keeps my hand glued to the dial. I twist it again, and that's when a torrent of water flows down from the ceiling. "Who invented this possessed demon shower?" I sputter again.

"What was that, dear?" Luna calls from outside the door.

"I said I really like your fancy shower," I shout as the torrent of water keeps trying to kill me. I get this sudden urge to just rip the dial out of the wall and be done with it, and give it another twist.

"Oh, wonderful," Luna sounds giddy, while I try to fight the urge to scream.

"Wonderful," I repeat as the ceiling flood merges with six painful massage jets of shower hell and I long for a way to fight back. I'm a Wolf. I should be able to handle a measly shower.

"The company just installed it."

"That's great. Just great," I mutter, twisting the dial again and again and again until the torture finally stops. This time, water flows weakly from the ceiling, but at least it's not trying to kill me. I sag against the wall in relief.

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