STAWP | Chapter 47

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This chapter is dedicated to @readingaccountt. You guys should totally check out her new story. It doesn't have any werewolves, but it does have a Mathlete turned Beauty Queen and it's super well written. I think you guys will really like it! 



I grab the chicken and slap it onto the frying pan. While it sizzles, I open the fridge and check the leftovers for some good sides.

"Is everything okay?" Saffron asks softly from the kitchen counter. Her words are whispered and hardly audible over the cooking chicken. If I were human, I probably wouldn't even know she'd said something, but my wolf's hearing helps me make out her words.

"Fine." I growl. It's not fine, it's really not. At this point, I'm pretty sure it's hopeless. How am I supposed to help my mate stand up for herself, teach her to link, and catch her up on a decade's worth of pack history homework? Unless...

"What do you know about the Great Wolf Rebellion?" I quiz. Her dad must have taught her something. He may not have had books, but he must have told her things from memory. As a history lover, she probably asked him tons of questions, even if she couldn't read it all from books.

"What?" Saffron stares at me blankly.

"The North-West migration?"

She doesn't respond.

"The Wolfsbane Luna?"

Saffron shakes her head.

"You don't know about the Luna?" I gape.

"Do you mean your mother?"

"No, I don't mean my mother." I bury my head in my hands and groan. "Do you even know anything about wolves?"

"Sure." Saffron whispers. "We live in packs and we have stronger senses than—"

"No," I interrupt. "I meant our history. What famous wolves can you name?"

"There are famous wolves?" Saffron asks. She sounds really excited and completely clueless and that just makes it so much worse.

Saffron knows even less than I thought. How am I supposed to turn her into a Luna? It'll take the next decade just to get her caught up on our history, and who knows if she can learn to link or stop acting like an Omega.

Goddess. I groan and focus on making lunch. I need to distract myself, to somehow make myself forget the fact that we're both doomed. I'm so intent on not thinking about it, so focused on trying to forget, that I drop Saffron's plate of her in front of her with a little too much force. She jumps and looks up at me nervously. I can see the question in her eyes, so I force a smile to my lips. The last thing I need is for her to go all Omega on me again.

I shake my head, slip onto the barstool directly across from her, and focus on eating. Saffron waits several seconds, and then follows my lead. She watches me nervously as she takes a bite, as if I might attack her at any moment.

How am I supposed to turn her into a Luna when she does this? I growl with frustration and throw my fork down on my plate. Father's going to find out how hopeless my mate is. He's going to name a new Alpha heir and force us to leave, and I'll lose my friends and my home. I grip the table, my knuckles turning white.

Saffron gasps and freezes in her chair. Within seconds, she's trembling, shoulders hunched, and baring her throat. I think back to her words from earlier—it calms the wolf, it helps—and try to understand. Saffron's obviously terrified right now, and cowering lets her deal with her feelings and helps calm her wolf. I just wish she didn't get scared, not of me.

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