SBAWP | Chapter 37

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Hi guys.

BAD-GOOD NEWS: I probably won't be able to update between April 13 - April 30. My new mate (husband) and I are going on our honeymoon (Eurotrip!!)... and while I probably will write on the trip (because I always write) I may not have time to post anything. BUT between madly packing, I will try to do another update before we leave (either another STAWP, or a Hunter's Luna). 

MORE GOOD NEWS: Sold to a Wolf Pack is now officially a trilogy, which means we're about halfway into book 2. Book 1 ended with Chapter 30, Part 2: Saf and Logan had a moment in the library; Zara & Jasper realized they were mates; POW took away Saf's non-existent internet/phone privileges; and Saf realized there might be a chance she could stay and be part of the pack! 

This chapter is dedicated to Rogue Wolf JasmineVoosen!

Also, I had a request from someone in the Facebook group  (I'd tag, but I can't always tell who's who in FB vs. Wattpad) to write this update from Logan's POV. Here goes!!! 



"As her Doctor, I would advise you against questioning Saffron right now." Doctor Dev steps forward. "She is still in a precarious state."

"Precarious state?" I force myself to sound strong, even though the doctor's words are like a punch to the gut.

"I just means she needs to rest." Doctor Dev smiles kindly. "We want to reduce her stress levels as much as possible."

"I will keep that in mind, Doctor." Father nods. "But this can't wait."

"It'll have to." I frown at Father. If Doctor Dev says Saf needs to rest, than I'm going to make sure she rests. The memory of her body jolting on the hospital bed each time Doctor Dev hit Saf's heart with electricity is now permanently etched in my mind. I don't think I'll ever forget it, or how my heart shattered when I thought I'd lost her.

I reach forward and run a gentle hand down Saf's cheek. Her skin feels warm, and a slight hint of color floods her pale cheeks at my touch. She stares up at me, and for a few seconds, I get lost in her eyes. They're the color of the forest floor on a summer's day, a light brown that soaks up the sun. I wish I could stare into them all day, but Saf's gaze moves past me, to the other occupants of the hospital room. The moment she realizes we have an audience, she reacts with the most adorable blush.

"Logan, you know we have to find out what happened," Father just keeps pushing.

"I said not now." I growl. What if the stress from Father's questions causes Saf to go into shock? I can't go through that again; I just can't.

I stare daggers at him as my wolf urges me to fight; to stand toe-to-toe and demand that Father step down as Alpha. To challenge him if he doesn't. I start to get up, but then I spot mother, and the reality of what I was about to do stops me cold. This is my Father I'm talking about—the man who raised me, played catch with me when I was a pup, patched up my scraped knees—not some stranger. I need to calm down. I need to focus on helping my mate get better.

"You should lie down," I tell Saf gently. I wrap a protective arm around her shoulder and help her back down onto her pillow. She tries to resist, but she's weak and gives in almost immediately. Once I'm sure she's comfortable, I take her hand in mine and grip it tightly. The mere thought of letting go—of leaving her side, even if it's just for a second—fills me with such terror that for a moment I feel like my heart might jump right out of my chest.

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