SBAWP | Chapter 29

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Father starts to open the door, then changes his mind and turns to face us. "Doctor Dev, Jasper," he waits until they both look at him, "the fact that Saffron is Logan's mate is not public knowledge. I don't want it leaving this room. Understood?"

"No," I snap. "I want people to know." I can't even remember why Father convinced me to keep it a secret in the first place. None of that matters now, anyway. Not when my mate almost died—when I still don't dare hope that she'll be okay.

"We can discuss this once Saffron recovers," Father tells me, raising his arm to silence me when I start to protest, "if you decide you want the pack to know, we'll make the announcement. In the meantime, can I have everyone's word to keep this between us?"

I nod, and once Jasper and Doctor Dev have both been sworn to secrecy, Father leaves to find Kaitlin. A few seconds pass in silence, interrupted only by the Saffron's heart rate monitor. It beeps steadily, but at a much faster rate than Zara's, until I start to worry.

"Is that normal?" I ask Doctor Dev. "Her heart? You don't think it's beating too fast?"

"It's well within the normal range. See this green line on the screen? If her heart rate's too fast or too slow, it will turn red, and an alarm will sound."

I nod and Doctor Dev starts setting up the IV in preparation for the blood transfusion. Jasper turns back to watch Zara, and I lean down and press a soft kiss to Saf's cheek. The adjacent bed is too far away, so I settle on the edge of my mate's, close enough to feel her body heat, but not so close as to worsen her injuries.

A few minutes pass, and I spend them watching her features for any signs of movement. Then, as the heart rate monitor beeps the time away, I slowly start to panic. It shouldn't take Father this long to get to Kaitlin's room and bring her up here. Unless she's not in her room... What if she went to the mall or something, and Father can't find her? Or what if, by the time he does, Saffron takes a turn for the worse? I feel a wave of panic, which I'm about to voice aloud when the infirmary door bursts open and the room is thrown into complete chaos.

"Stop it right there," Doctor Dev shouts as several dozen people start to stream into the small room. They all talk at once, and none of them seem to be paying any attention to the doctor.

"Stop." Mother marches to the middle of the room, her commanding voice drawing everyone to a halt. The room falls silent, and she turns to Doctor Dev, giving her a chance to be heard.

"If you're not injured," the doctor states matter of factly, "you can't be in here."

Everyone starts talking at once, and then the crowd parts to reveal to men, each carrying a child. There's Nisha's father, with her small, skinny human form cradled in his arms. She's awake, but a bit dazed as she stares wide-eyed at the people surrounding her. Next to them is Joshie's father, carrying the battered and bruised boy. His leg is broken by the looks of it, and his little body is covered head to toe with large, purple bruises.

"I want Joshua over here," Doctor Dev points at the hospital bed directly across from Saf's, "and Nisha over there. Parents can stay, everyone else, out."

She doesn't wait to see if they obey as she hurries to get the kids settled into their hospital beds. Mother takes care of everyone else in the room, escorting the grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, and Miss Elmers—the elementary school's only Wolf teacher—out of the room. They all obediently exit, except one little girl who digs in her heels. Nicki.

"I want to see my sister and my friends," she sobs, her gaze glued to Zara's bed. Large tears slide down her cheeks as she stares wide-eyed at her injured sister.

"I know you do, Nicki, but you can't be in here right now," Mother says gently, taking her hand.

"B-but she's hurt."

"Nicki, do you trust me?"

"Yes, Luna." Nicki nods.

"I want you to go with Miss Elmers." Mother pauses until the teacher, who's stopped in the doorway, nods. "Doctor Dev is going to take really good care of Zara. And I'll be right here with her the whole time."


"Promise." Mother smiles gently. "You okay watching her, Alivia?"

"Of course." Miss Elmers nods and takes Nicki's hand. "Come on, why don't we leave and let the doctor work?" She herds Zara's sister out of the room and closes the door behind her.

Once everyone's gone, the the room turns into a flurry of activity. Doctor Dev checks over both kids, and says that Nisha—who got away with just a concussion—should be moved to the recovery room. It's basically just a converted guest room next to the infirmary, and Mother leaves with Nisha and her parents to help them get settled.

Joshie's a lot worse off, since he's still unconscious and his leg is obviously broken. Since he hasn't shifted yet, Doctor Dev explains that it will take a lot longer for him heal. She puts his leg in a cast, and then sends him and his parents off to the recovery room, along with a small bottle of pain killers in case the kid needs them when he wakes up.

I'm not sure how long all of this takes. Fifteen minutes? Thirty? Definitely too long for Father to try and locate Kaitlin. Saf looks pretty pale and her pulse is racing along at almost twice the rate of Zara's. The line on the monitor is still green, but her breathing's kind of shallow too, so I get Doctor Dev to check her over one more time.

"What if Father doesn't find Kaitlin?" I voice my fears aloud.

"He'll find her." Mother comes over and rubs my back, the way she used to do when I was a little kid.

"But what if... what if she's at the mall? Or at a friend's house? What if by the time he finds her, it's too late?"


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