SBAWP | Chapter 7

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I'm really excited to share this chapter with you!

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This chapter is dedicated to vatnievelyn16. Thanks for reading Sold to a Wolf Pack! And for liking pizza! 

Note: I went back and edited the last chapter. The only thing that's changed is that Logan, Zara, Jasper, Jess and Kaitlyn worked at Joe's Pizza last summer and they're the ones who made the menus. It's not really important to the story, I just felt kind of stupid for not writing it that way the first time. #AuthorRegrets



"Logan, can I ask you something?" Saf leans toward me in the booth.

"Anything." I shift forward in my seat too.

Saf looks so serious that when she starts to speak, I actually hold my breath... and let it back out since Lee chooses that exact moment to show up with our Sodas. She sets them down in front of us, probably realizes she interrupted something, and rushes back to the counter. When she's finally gone, I turn to face Saffron. "What is it?" I ask.

"Nothing," Saf whispers, staring down at her hands. "It's stupid."

"Whatever it is, you can tell me. I promise."

"It's just..." Saf looks at me, hesitates, and then looks away, "never mind. Forget I said anything."

I wait for her to change her mind again and tell me what's bothering her, but she doesn't. For a few minutes, the two of us sit quietly sipping on our sodas, and my mind begins to race. What just happened to my happy, carefree mate? Does she not want to be here? Does she wish she was still in the cafeteria with Amaryllis, reading a book or whatever it is Omegas do? Was she going to tell me that she wants to leave?

"Saf, do you..." I lean across the table, so our fingers almost touch. My heart starts to race, but I can't seem to force the words out. I'm afraid of her answer, afraid I won't like it. I almost change my mine, like she just did, but I have to know. "Do you like it here?"

"Here? You mean at Joe's Pizza? Yeah, it's awesome." She grins, her happy, carefree mood back. "It's so awesome that you got to work here."

"No, I mean..." I hesitate, "here, in Mapleton? With our pack?"

"Oh, um..." Saf's happy grin disappears and I feel a sharp tug in the vicinity of my heart.

"You hate it here, don't you?" I whisper. Saf's a Rogue and an Omega. She must hate pack life.

"I don't hate it here, Logan... I just..." Saf sighs and stares down at the menu. Her gaze drifts to the pizza we named, You're Grounded, but she doesn't even crack a smile.

"Do you want to go home?"

"Home?" Saf looks up at me in surprise.

"To your old life? With your dad?"

"What? No," Saf responds a bit too loudly, and a few people turn to look at us. My mate doesn't even notice. "I never want to go back there," she insists. "Ever."

"You don't?"

"I don't have a home anymore." Saf lowers her voice, so the other diners won't overhear. "I thought I did, but I don't. My dad sold me... he actually sold me. If I ever see him again, I swear..."

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