STAWP | Chapter 52

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Here's another chapter! Dedicated to @MonsterGirlPony for laughing at my joke (which I worked really hard on, btw... not really, but I thought it was funny, so yay). 

I STARTED A NEW STORY! It's a Sold to a Wolf Pack spin-off called "Her Alpha Mate" and it's entirely interactive! I ask you guys to suggest character names, decided on their personalities, and vote on where the story should  go. The main character is a guy who's just turning 17, and he happens to be Logan's hot Alpha cousin! You get to help him find a mate, you can choose if he accepts or rejects her, and you can even bring him here to the pack house, or make him run into Saffron's Dad! It's entirely interactive, and I will write it based on your comments, so please check it out! 

Hope you enjoy this chapter!



"You should leave the binders," Zara tells me.

I know she's right, but I still stare at them longingly. They're brand new, with a never-been-touched shine that my own binders haven't seen in years.

"We can buy more when we get there." Jess adds, plopping onto the bed. When she's not yelling, Jess is actually not that bad. Plus, ever since I agreed to run away with them, she's been super nice.

I remove three of my five binders from my new backpack and cushion Mom's painting between the remaining two. I've decided to take the backpack instead of my bright yellow duffle bag—actually it's more of a dirty, faded yellow, but it's still easy to spot at a distance. That and I couldn't bear to part with my new backpack. It's bad enough I have to give up most of the binders. At least Zara and Jess haven't mention the other school supplies.

I rummage through the contents of my duffle bag decide to leave all my old school stuff, including the history book. I take it out and set it on the table. Hopefully, POW will see it and send it back to OPS.

I transfer my health card and picture of Mom to my new pencil case and pack the toothbrush, floss and toothpaste I risked my life for yesterday. What is really only yesterday? Have I really only been here one day?

"You'll need jeans," Zara tells me, heading to my closet and ruffling through all the clothes she gave me.

"You sure you don't need them?"

"Jess and I already packed everything, remember?" Zara says, handing me the jeans, several pairs of tights, a tank top, and a few t-shirts. "And wear these," she adds, passing me a pair of boots, "well, maybe after you wash up." She looks down at my dirty feet.

"Those boots always gave me blisters," Jess complains from the bed.

"They're yours?"

Jess nods. "The flats too. They were always slipping off."


"You should wear the sneakers though. They're great. I only got a new pair because of Kaitlin. She wanted all the girls on the squad to get matching shoes this year." Jess falls back on the bed and stares at the ceiling.

I turn to look at her old pair of sneakers, which you can barely tell were ever worn. My own have too many holes to count, and this girl's throwing away shoes because of a few small grass stains?

"You're lucky you two wear the same sized shoes," Zara tells me. "Jess was planning to leave all of these behind, so..."

"Right." I nod. Jess wasn't being selfless and giving away her stuff; it was stuff she didn't really need. On the other hand, she didn't need to give it to me, so...

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