SBAWP | Chapter 24

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I have one quick change. No biggie, but it's IMPORTANT: Beta, the Rogue Kid, and the older brother confiscated and broke everyone's cell phones in chapter 35 - part 2. I went back and edited it in. 

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"Saffron's vital signs are good," Doctor Dev assures me. "It's safe to move her, as long as we keep pressure on the wound."

She gestures for me to take over. As soon as my hands replace hers, she shifts into a wolf and runs across the clearing. When she reaches the pile of torn clothes, she shifts back into human form. She grabs the black tank top Saf was wearing earlier and then a pair of stretchy black tights that must belong to Zara. The only reason I even know they're stretchy is because Doctor Dev pulls at them a few times to make sure. It actually takes me a few more seconds to figure out what she's doing, but when she starts ripping the tights into strips as she runs back toward me and Saf, it starts to make sense.

"Press this against the wound," she tosses me the black tank, and starts tying the pant strips together and wrapping them around my mate's wolf form. When she's done, the shirt and bindings stop the bleeding, freeing up my hands so I hold my mate. "Take her to the house," Doctor Dev orders, "I need to get back now to prep for surgery. The girls both need blood transfusions, and Joshie's leg has to be set."

"What about Nisha and Nicki?" I hold my breath.

"Nisha's fine," Doctor Dev says, and I feel a wave of panic for Zara's little sister before she continues, "Nicki's back at the house. She's the one who got help."

"Thank the Moon Goddess."

"Don't thank her yet. Get Saffron back to the house and let me patch her up before you thank anyone." Doctor Dev turns away and shifts, then addresses Father over the link. Alpha, call ahead and have Luna set up two IVs and get everyone who's injured back to the house.

I'll do that, Father shouts, shifting into human form. You three, go with Doctor Dev. Be vigilant. It could be a trap.

Yes, Alpha. The wolves Father gestures at—all parents of kids my age—flank Doctor Dev and race toward the house.

Logan, do you have a phone? Father demands as I scoop Saf up and get to my feet.

It's in my locker. Check their clothes!

Father heads toward the discarded clothes Doctor Dev didn't touch and picks up a familiar-looking cheerleading uniform. It's right next to the black jeans Saf was wearing earlier, some little kid clothes, and what I'm assuming must be Zara's purple tank top. I didn't really pay attention to what Zara was wearing, but when we walked them out after school, I noticed Jess was in uniform, even though practice was canceled.

Where's Jess? I demand. Is she back at the house?

Jess? Father asks in surprise, looking down at the uniform. Is this hers?

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