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I posted this bonus on my Instagram earlier this week. If you haven't read it yet, or you've been waiting for a place to comment, here it is. 


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I tuck the crowbar under my arm and turn on the guard's phone. The lock screen sends a small sliver of light out into the pitch-black hallway, illuminating my latest victim's unconscious form. I've taken out three guards out so far, but unlike the other two, this one's holding a gun. Thank Goddess I knocked him out before he had a chance to shoot me.

I reach down to take his weapon, grimacing as Daniel's jeans dig painfully into my waist. I momentarily consider swapping clothes with the guard, which is tempting—and definitely way more comfortable—but I don't have time to waste. I need to get to Saf, and soon. Definitely before one of the guards finds the breaker and turn the lights back on.

I manage to tuck the gun into my waistband and try to ignore the pain as it digs into my abs. At least there's absolutely no chance of it falling out. Then, I use the phone's lock screen to illuminate a small square of hallway in front of me and take a tentatively step. The phone light goes out pretty quickly, and I have to press the power button each time I take a step.

It's slow going, but my bare feet are nearly silent against the dirt floor. I've ditched the flip-flops, which means I'm leaving my scent behind. I may end up paying for it later, but right now, moving silently and sneaking up on the guards matters most. Human guards probably wouldn't be able to hear me either way—especially not over the faint sound of the alarm coming from down below—but all the guards here are Wolves. I have to tread carefully, moving on tip toe, and hope no one hears me before I hear them.

When voices echo from further down the hall, I quickly turn off the phone and slide it in my back pocket. This is not good. So far, I've only taken out individual guards. I initially thought there'd only be five of them—that's how many Mrs. Jones and I smelled near the door—but the scents down here suggest that there must be at least a dozen. If I run into the rest of them all at once, I'm screwed. No matter how I play it, the moment I take out one, the element of surprise will be gone. Then the others will fight back, and we'll all be doing it in the dark, too.

The smart thing would be to turn back, but I don't have a choice. Mrs. Jones's faint floral scent and Amaryllis's woodsy one lead this way, which means that's where I need to go. Hopefully Saf is down there too—I don't know what I'll do if she's not.

When I get closer to the guards, I realize there are only two of them: one male and one female. I pinpoint their voices to a spot some distance ahead, and around the corner to my left. They're close to the ground, and I assume that they're sitting. Probably lounging around and waiting for someone else to go check on the lights, just like the other guards I've taken out.

"I can't see a thing, babe," the male guard whines as I get closer.

"You don't say?" The female guard's raspy voice drips with sarcasm.

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