SBAWP | Chapter 4

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Kaitlin ignores me. I wait for her to move all her stuff, but after several seconds of just standing there, I decide to just sit on it. I start to slide onto the stool, but just as my butt is about to make contact with her pink, fluffy sweater, Kaitlin yanks it away. She snatches her purse away next, throws her long, blonde hair over her shoulder, and turns away in a huff.

I settle into my seat, feeling oddly like I won our little battle. Not that I look forward to doing any group work with Kaitlin—which hopefully won't happen today or anytime soon.

Mrs. Lowe is busy writing formuals down on the board, and while her back is turned, I take stock of my classmates. There are a bunch of Wolf kids, and they're all staring at me again. At least this time I know they're doing the linking thing, and not playing some weird prank. I just hate that they think I'm ignoring them. I wish I had some way of telling them that I'm not, but I'd need to link to do that, which sucks.

I try to link for a few minutes, mentally shouting hello into my brain, and then give up and start taking notes. I try not to pay attention to the other Wolves, but I catch them sneaking glances at me whenever the teacher's not looking. Even worse, they keep looking at each other too, like they're holding a secret conversation. Are they talking to me? About me? And what are they saying?

When the bell finally rings, I jump out of my seat, grab my stuff and run out of the classroom like there is a pack of rabid wolves on my heels. Since we were late to school, I have lunch next, so I head toward the cafeteria. Unfortunately, in my hurry to get away, I end up going in the wrong direction. By the time I realize it, the hallway is full of students, and I join the crowd.

I search for Logan or Zasper along the way, but there's no sign of them. I also look for Jess—assuming she hasn't ran away—but I don't see her anywhere either. I do pass some Wolves I recognize—classmates I haven't ever spoken to—but unless they're doing the linking thing, they pretty much ignore me.

The smell of food hits as soon as I get within ten feet of the cafeteria. The greasy scent of fries wafts down the hall, mixing with the smell of ketchup and cooked meat. My mouth waters and I slide my hand into my pocket to make sure the ten bucks Luna gave me is still there. I can't believe she gave me lunch money when I literally cost POW thousands.

When I walk into the cafeteria, it's already half-packed. I make my way to the back of the lunch line, which is already made up of half a dozen people, and watch the door for Logan or Zasper as I wait. By the time I pay for my burger and fries, there's still no sign of them, so I pocket Luna's change and look for a place to sit.

I've always had someone to sit with at OPS, so I'm not really sure how to do this. I mean, yeah, there was the time Anna and Jen both got sick with the flu, but then I just spent lunch outside. If I do that today, the guard might get the wrong idea, think I'm running away, and report me to POW.

I resign myself to eating lunch in the caf and search for an empty table, but there aren't any. There are empty seats, but they're next to strangers. I spot one familiar couple, but unfortunately, it's not Zasper. It's the pair I saw making out on the couch when I first arrived at the pack house. Definitely not sitting there.

I keep searching until my eyes land on a girl who's sitting by herself. She has reddish-blonde hair that tumbles down past her waist, which instantly draws my attention. So few girls have hair longer than mine. This girl isn't wearing any makeup and her outfit is this ugly, floral dress which kind of reminds me of the school secretary—minus the cleavage.

She has her nose buried in a book, and she barely looks away from it as she bites out of her sandwich. She seems like the sort of person who won't make a big deal out me sitting next to her—at least if I don't bother her while she's reading—so I head for her table. As I approach, I catch her scent, and realize she's also a wolf. I wonder if she sat somewhere near us at breakfast yesterday and I just didn't notice her.

I reach the girl and set my tray across from her. "Can I sit here?" I ask. For a split second, I worry she'll tell me to go away, and I'll have to find someone else to sit with, but she doesn't.

"Sure." She gives me a hesitant smile and puts down her book.

I smile back and plop myself down across from her. "I'm Saffron," I tell her, "but everyone calls me Sofie." Then I realize that's not true anymore, and add "or Saf."

The girl's face breaks out into a huge grin. "I'm Amar—," she starts to introduce herself, but a voice next to my ear distracts me.

"Hey Saf," Logan whispers and my heart starts to race. "We're going to get pizza. Come on." He grabs my arm and starts to pull me up.

"But I just bought food." I gesture at my lunch.

"Leave it."

"But..." I can't just waste food like that, especially food I paid for with Luna's money. "I don't have any money left."

"My treat."

"What about...?" I trail off, realizing I didn't catch the girl's name. I wait for her to chime in, but she looks down at her book, not making eye contact.

"Come on," Logan says impatiently. "Zara and Jasper are waiting."

I give the girl a regretful smile, though she barely looks up long enough to notice, and let Logan drag me away.

I steal one glance at the girl when we're almost at the door and spot her eating my burger. I mean, like she's literally already finished half of it, and she's reaching for a handful of fries. At least all that food isn't going to go to waste. 


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