SBAWP | Chapter 18

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Here's the next chapter. I won't say much since I know you'll all anxious to check in on Saf, Zara, Jess and the kids! 

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Saffron, a soft, melodic voice whispers in the wind. It takes me a second to remember why it's familiar. It reminds me of Mom. Every night, she would tuck me into bed and tell me a story. Sometimes it was about a brave werewolf princesses going on adventures, rescuing princes, and defeating dragons, but other times, I would convince her to tell me my favorite story. The one about how she came to name me Saffron.

"Close your eyes, my little treasure," she'd whisper, kissing me softly on the forehead.

The memory resurfaces now from somewhere deep inside me, and I hear Mom's melodic voice as she says, "and then I heard it, one word, Saffron, whispered in the wind."

Open your eyes, my Saffron. The female voice isn't Mom's, but it sounds like it's straight out of that story. I don't know why I think that, I just do. I think it has something to do with the way those words are whispered in the wind, floating over me like magic.

I listen to the voice and slowly pull my eyelids apart. I feel like I'm waking from a wonderful dream, ,like this morning when Luna woke me with breakfast. Sun filters in through my eyelashes, and I smile groggily as I look around. A towering figure looms over me, a giant... tree?

Get up, child, the wind calls, circling me.

I lift my head and pain shoots through my skull. The wind stays with me, soothing it, and I slowly turn my head. Then, my heart nearly stops. Two large, angry, wolves are advancing on me. Beta and older brother.

Memories come flooding back. Walking home from school. Kaitlin talking non-stop and then finally rushing off back to her locker for her math book. Walking some more and stopping in this clearing. Then, Zara, Jess and I forming a wall between the kinds and the Wolves attacking us. My stupid plan. Followed by Nicki running to get POW. Fighting to keep the enemy distracted and, finally, getting flung at the tree.

I know I must have only been out of it for a few seconds, since Beta and Older Brother hadn't had a chance to tear me to shreds. When I glance around the field, Jess is still perfectly fine as she circles the white wolf, but Zara is injured. Her light gray coat is coated in blood, and a growl from older brother reminds me that if I don't act fast, I'll be next.

As I struggle to get to my feet, the world around me spins. I feel drunk, though the dizziness I feel isn't from beer. Nope, it's entirely thanks to my collision with the tree. I've actually never been drunk—not after seeing what alcohol does to Dad—but I figure this is what it would feel like. Except I can't clear it the way he does, by making me cook, binging on food, and then passing out on the living room couch. My only choice is to fight through the nausea and stay strong.

Older Brother realizes my struggle and breaks into a run. He moves fast—I know he does—but it all feels like it's happening in slow motion. My vision blurs and the world around me spins, bringing his triumphant look in and out of focus. I edge backwards, until my tail brushes the solid truck of the tree.

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