STAWP | Chapter 34

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We stop in front of the nurse's office and Logan knocks on the door. When no one answers, he turns the knob and holds it open so I can enter.

I hesitantly step inside and look around the empty room. There are four navy blue chairs lined up against the wall to my left. I guess that would be the waiting room. Behind them, pushed against the wall, is a matching navy blue exam bed, the type you usually see in a doctor's office. There's a computer on the desk next to it, as well as a bunch of pamphlets that are all faced out. I walk closer and spot one about 'safe sex' and another on 'pregnancy.' I look away, blushing, and my eyes end on a bowl of condoms that's next to the computer. I don't know how I didn't notice it before. It's huge!

I quickly look away and sneak a glance at Logan to see if he's noticed it. Logan seems completely unaware of the condoms as he gestures for me to take a seat on the exam bed. I position myself on the exam table, as far away from 'The Bowl That Shall Not Be Named' as possible. I can't believe the nurse just leaves it out in the open like that. Shouldn't it be in a drawer or something?

"I meant what I said earlier, Sofie," Logan tells me, bringing over one of the plastic chairs and positioning it in front of me. "I like you."

I blush and look away, first down at my lap and then at the wall behind him. That's when I notice the 'Human Anatomy' poster on the wall. Under the title there are two drawings, one of a girl and one of a boy, and both are naked! The girl has breasts and the guy has, well, guy parts. Both posters look pretty realistic, the drawings so good they resemble photographs. Like, aren't the condoms and safe sex pamphlets enough? Couldn't the nurse use one of those posters that have skeletons? Or just internal organs? I swear that nurse is such a perv! I can't believe I'm alone with a guy—a really cute guy—in a room filled with this stuff!

Logan sits down and takes my hand in his. At least the poster is behind him and he can't see it, and he isn't looking anywhere near the condom bowl. If he was, it would be so embarrassing! Still, knowing that all that stuff is in the room makes my face flame and my palms start to sweat. I don't want Logan to notice, so I attempt to pull my hand out of his, but he doesn't let go. My heart races—both at his touch and at the fact that we're stuck in a pervy nurse's office—pumping in my chest so loudly that I'm positive that Logan can hear it.

I really wish he and I met under different circumstances. Maybe if Dad and I moved here and Logan and I met at school; or if I'd ran away and met him at my new school. Then we could have dated and had a normal relationship. At least, we could have if we were human. I'm a wolf, and a rogue at that, which means I can't just 'date' a guy. One day, I'll find my mate and Logan will find his, and even if we do like each other—even if we're in love—it won't matter.

After my talk with Zara, I know there is absolutely no way that Logan is my mate. I didn't fall in love with him at first sight. Yes, I'm really attracted to him, but then he is the hottest guy I've ever met.

"It's just... chemistry," I whisper after a pause. I'm way too embarrassed to tell him I think he's hot.

"It's more than that," he tells me softly. "You know it is."

I shake my head and look away. I bet Logan has this effect on all the girls. I can't let it get to me, not when I'm planning to run away. Even if I were staying, Logan would eventually turn seventeen and find his mate. Jasper is going to tomorrow, and if he and Zara can't stay together because of the mating instinct, Logan and I don't stand a chance.

Really, my only options are to avoid Logan for the next couple of hours, or enjoy our time together while it lasts. Would it really be that bad if we made out a few more times? I mean, we already kissed twice, so it's not like it would really make a difference. I could make a few memories to take with me when I run away. Would that really be so bad?

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