SBAWP | Chapter 6

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"What do you want to order?" I ask Saf, handing her the menu. I have to reach past her to grab it, and my pulse starts to race. After all of Jasper and Zara's PDA, I have a lot of ideas, and none of them have anything to do with food.

"Pizza?" Saffron raises an eyebrow like it should be obvious.

"Yeah, pizza." Sure, you can get pasta and salads at Joe's, but no one ever does that. "What kind?"

"Doesn't matter." Saf shrugs and picks up the binder in front of her. "What's this?"

"The menu." I grin.

"I thought someone forgot their homework," Saf says as she opens the red, 3-hole punch binder. It's got a bunch of bright orange pages inside with giant pictures of pizza. They're actually the exact size of the Joe's ketchup bottles, which made the menus a lot easier to design.

"My favorite's No More Homework," I tell Saffron, leafing to the correct page and pointing at the picture. The name is printed next to it in giant letters, which makes it easy to read, and below that is a typed list of ingredients, followed by the price.

"No more homework?" Saf repeats, staring at the name.

"Pepperoni, bacon, ham and hot sausage," I list all my favorite toppings, "I named it."

"You did?" Saf asks in surprise.

"We all worked here part-time last summer—Jasper, Zara, Jess and I." Saf's smile dims slightly at the mention of Jess, or maybe I just imagine it, but I quickly change the subject just in case. "You Get An A and I Love Drama are also good." I point out the ham and pineapple pizza first, and then the Greek pizza.

"There's one called Snow Storm?" Saf stares down at the Spinach, Goat Cheese, and Mozzarella pizza. I don't mention Jess named it, and Saf moves down the list. "And Best Summer Ever," she reads.

"That was Zara's," I tell her.

Saf giggles and starts leafing through the binder more quickly. "Sit and Eat? Kaitlin Quit? You're On the Team?" She laughs harder.

"Jasper picked the last one," I tell her. "And I don't know if you met Kaitlin, but she only lasted like a week. That one's her favorite."

"Do you guys all still work here?" Saf asks, flipping to another page.

"Not since this summer. Jasper and I have practice right after school, and..." I'm about to tell her Jess and Kaitlyn have cheer practice, but I don't want to bring up my ex, so I move on, "and Zara only worked here to spend time with Jasper."

"She quit as soon as he did?" Saf guesses.


"So you guys got to name all of these?"

"Yup, and design the menu. It's way better than the old one." Which was one page with really small writing and boring names like Greek, Canadian, and Deluxe.

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