SBAWP | Chapter 31

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For a few minutes, no one says anything. Doctor Dev is busy turning from Kaitlin to Saf and back again, making sure the blood transfusion is working. She keeps checking Saf's monitor, and I stare at it too, hoping the numbers on it will start to make sense. Since none of them turn red, and there is no warning alarm, I figure everything is going well.

Meanwhile, Mother is doing the same thing as Doctor Dev at Zara's monitor. While she isn't looking, Jasper gets out of his bed, staggering a little. I start to get up when it looks like he's going to fall, but Mother catches him and helps him to Zara's hospital bed. Once he's settled at the edge of her bed, the way I am at the edge of Saf's, Mother checks the monitor again, and I return to watching Saf.

"Alpha, I need to talk to you," a wolf I recognize as one of the Tanks peeks his head into the infirmary. His face pales slightly at the sight of Zara, and then pales some more when he spots Saf. He manages to school his features before Father turns to look at him, and instantly stands at attention.

"Not in here." Father shakes his head. He gestures for the Tank to exit into the hallway and then follows him out and closes the door behind him.

I hear their footsteps recede down the hall so we can't overhear, and turn back to watching Saf. Her monitor continues to beat at a steady rate, and I listen to see if her heart break is slowing down any. It's still so much faster than Zara's, which worries me, but Doctor Dev doesn't seem concerned.

"Kaitlin, how are you feeling?" she asks.

"Fine," Kaitlin squeaks, but she doesn't sound fine. I turn to look at her, and she's back to being all pale and panicky, like before. Her gaze is glued to the door, and I feel a wave of panic. What if she freaks out and tries to run for it? If her fear of needles, or blood, or whatever it is that's making her act like this wins out, Saf's in trouble. Father's no longer guarding the doorway, and I prepare to jump to my feet and cut her off if I have to.

"Logan, talk to her," Doctor Dev orders, "Kaitlin, I'm going to hook you up to a heart rate and blood pressure monitor. I want to make sure you're doing okay."

"N-no. Please don't. I'm fine, I swear." Kaitlin starts to shake.

"They're not needles Kaitlin. They won't hurt one bit," Doctor Dev says, then snaps, "Logan. Talk."

"Right... Um, so, Kaitlin..." I try to think of something to say to her, since usually she's the one who does all—and I mean all—the talking. "So... um... we have a big game coming up?"

"The game?" Kaitlin looks kind of dazed. She usually gets super excited about games, since she cheers at every single one, but I don't blame for not caring. I don't even know why I mention the game. It's not like I actually plan to attend. Yes, a few hours ago, the game mattered—a lot. Now that Saf and Zara are both in the infirmary? I couldn't care less about it.

"Kaitlin, I need you to slide your right hand in here." Doctor Dev saves me from having to come up with another stupid response. She slides the blood pressure cuff around Kaitlin's arm, and then hooks her up to the heart rate monitor. "See, that's not so bad?"

"Sure, it's fine," Kaitlin says absently, like she's not even paying attention.

"Your heart rate and blood pressure are a little elevated, but—"

"Doctor Dev," Father interrupts, swinging the infirmary door open. "I need you to look at the Rogues."

Doctor Dev doesn't have a chance to reply. At that exact moment, one of the heart rate monitors spikes through the roof. The beeping speeds up to an insane pace, and a warning alarm starts to blare.

My own heart races and I break into a sweat. My gaze immediately snaps to Saf's heart rate monitor, but the lines haven't turned red, the way Doctor Dev said they would if something was wrong. I turn to look at Zara's next, but it looks fine too.

"Kaitlin, take deep breaths," Doctor Dev says, and I realize it's her heart rate that's racing a mile a minute. "I'm going to unhook the IV."

"What about Saffron?" I cry as Doctor Dev pulls out the needle.

"We're going to try again, Logan. As soon as Kaitlin's vitals are back to normal. Kaitlin, are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine," she whispers, and her heart rate start to slow again.

"Okay. You just breathe. Alpha, the Rogues will have to wait."

"What Rogues?" Kaitlin asks, looking at Father, and her heart rate immediately spikes again. Her eyes widen, and then her pulse speeds up even further.

I wrinkle my brows and turn to stare at her. I can smell her fear again, and she's clenching her hands together so hard her knuckles are turning white. It's kind of odd that her pulse started racing the moment Father mentioned Rogues, and that it keeps speeding up when she talks about them.

"They can't hurt you in here. Right Alpha?" Doctor Dev gives Father a pointed look.

Suddenly, I realize Kaitlin must be afraid of another Rogue attack. That's why her heart rate keeps racing, and not whatever reason my suspicious mind just conjured up.

"They're chained up in the dungeon," Father tells Kaitlin. "I have Tanks guarding them right now. They can't get to you."

"But t-they're alive?" Kaitlin whispers.

"Only for now," Father says, but Kaitlin's heart rate still speeds up. "This is why I need you to try to relax, Kaitlin. The sooner we can get the transfusion going, the sooner Doctor Dev can go look at the Rogues. I don't want them dying on me before I can question them."

"Dying?" Kaitlin whimpers.

"Just remember they can't hurt you in here," Doctor Dev repeats. "Now that's enough Rogue talk, Alpha. Kaitlin needs to relax."

"Right," she whispers, eyes filling with tears. "Relax." She starts taking deep, calming breaths, but her pulse does slow down.

"Okay, are you ready to try again?" Doctor Dev finally asks.

"I am," Kaitlin squares her shoulders, and Doctor Dev re-inserts the IV. This time, I don't take any chances. I can't risk Kaitlin freaking out again, so I think of something to say.

"Hey, want to hear about the time Jasper and I visited The Luna?" I ask. No one ever passes up the chance to hear about the most rich and powerful werewolf of all time. 


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WHAT'S THE FINAL VERDICT ON KAITLIN? I totally left a bunch of clues in this chapter, and the previous one. Can anyone figure out what she's thinking? 

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