SBAWP | Chapter 9

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The teacher's eyes pass over Zara, then Jasper, and finally Logan as she searches for a volunteer. I know I'm next, and I start to panic. I can't go up there and use a condom while Logan, Zara, Jasper and a bunch of kids I don't know watch. Should I pretend I need to go to the bathroom? Lie and say I have carpal tunnel? Flat out refuse to participate and hold on to my chair for dear life?

The teacher's gaze lands on me, but before I have to decide, Logan shouts Jasper's name. He repeats it, like a chant, and a bunch of Wolf guys join in, then a few more, until the entire class is shouting his name.

"Jasper?" the teacher asks, or at least that's what I think she says, since I can barely hear her over all the shouting. Logan winks at me, and I give him a grateful smile. For the moment, at least, I'm safe.

Jasper stands with a grin and bows to the class, which causes all the shouting and cheering to go up a notch.

"Settle down, class," the teacher bellows.

I barely hear her over the students, at least until she blows the whistle she's got hanging around her neck, and the room falls silent.

"When used correctly," she begins to lecture, "condoms are ninety-eight percent effective at preventing pregnancy." She hands Jasper a green condom, followed by the banana. A bunch of kids cheer.

For a second, I close my eyes and wish I was somewhere—anywhere—else. After what I walked in on last night between Jasper and Zara last night, I really don't want to see this. Only I don't really have a choice, do I?

"The condom," the teacher continues, "must be rolled onto the penis before there's any skin-to-skin genital contact."

The words penis and genital makes me really, really uncomfortable, and I wish I was anywhere but here. I don't want to learn about this stuff around kids I barely know. Even worse, I don't want to learn about it around kids I do know. Around my friends. Around Logan, who's sitting right next to me. Can anything be more awkward?

"Jasper, I'd like you to try rolling the condom onto the banana." The teacher says try as thought she thinks Jasper has never seen a condom before, let alone used it. Considering what I saw last night, that can't possibly be true. Who knows how long the two of them have been sneaking around. By now, they probably have a condom PhD.

Jasper sets the banana on the table. When he's about to unwrap the condom, the teacher pulls out a stopwatch from her pocket.

"Read, set, go!" she shouts, like we're doing track and field.

Jasper looks really surprised, then grins and goes with the flow. He unwraps the condom as quickly as he can and then stares at the banana for a second, as if wondering how to do it.

"Don't forget to hold the tip," the teacher warns, looking down at her stopwatch.

Jasper grips the tip of the condom with one hand and tries to roll it onto the banana with the other. The yellow fruit slips and slides across the table, getting him, and the condom, nowhere. Everyone, meanwhile, cheers and urges him on. The banana almost falls, but Jasper uses his hip to stop it at the last seconds. Otherwise, though, he makes no progress.

"Maybe he needs some help," a guy shouts from the back of the room, which leads to a bunch of wolf whistles.

"Thirty seconds," the teacher yells, staring down at her stopwatch. Her thumb hovers over the button at the top, her knees slightly bent as if she's got money riding on this race.

Jasper considers for a moment, grins and sits down on top of the table. The teacher doesn't comment as he braces the banana between his thighs—pretty far away from where that condom would actually go, but still embarrassingly close—and starts to slide it onto the banana. At this point, I avert my eyes. How can teachers make kids do this in front of the whole class, with everyone watching? It's just so wrong.

I glance at Logan and Zara to see how they're reacting, but they don't seem all that embarrassed. Logan's cheering along with the rest of the class, as if Jasper really is running track and field not putting on a condom. Zara, meanwhile, can't seem to take her eyes off her mate. She even licks her lips as she watches Jasper work the condom, which is like super gross. I glance at Jasper, and realize he's watching her as he does it. Staring straight into her eyes the entire time he rolls the condom down onto the banana. Which is just... wrong. I mean, we're in class! At school!

When Jasper gets the condom on the whole way, the class erupts in applause, mixed in with laughter and a lot of wolf whistles.

"Fifty-three seconds. Not bad," the teacher nods approvingly. "Who's next?"

"Can I go wash my hands?" Jasper asks. He holds them up and they're all shiny and sticky and gross. The moment he steps out, Zara asks to go to the bathroom, and Logan nudges me with his shoulder and whispers something about exercise.

The teacher looks around the room, searching for a volunteer. Kids elbow each other, trying to push their friends out of their seats. The teacher starts picking student, one by one, like a hunter picking off its prey. It's a mix of kids and every time her eyes rove over the room and move near where I'm sitting, I hold my breath.

Jasper and Zara eventually sneak back into the room, but no one seems to notice they've been gone for close to half an hour. By then, the teacher's down to two condoms, and I let out a whoosh of air in relief when she finally runs out. I'm safe. Or I think I am, until she digs into her pocket again and pulls out another handful. Who does she think she is, Mary Poppins?

I hold my breath again. I hope she doesn't pick me. I really, really hope she doesn't pick me. Or Logan. That would be so awkward and embarrassing. Or what if she picks Zara? I already watched Jasper rolling on a condom. Isn't that enough?

The teacher glances around the room and her eyes land squarely on me. "You must be the new kid," she says. "What was it? Sephora?"

"Saffron," I correct her. "I mean Sofie."

"Well, which one is it?" she frowns at me and a few of my classmates snicker.

"Saffron," Logan answers at the same time as I say, "Sofie."

"Why don't you let me know after class." The teacher holds up the orange-tinted banana that's currently wrapped in a red condom. "Have at it, new kid."


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