SBAWP | Chapter 28

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Here's today's second update, as promised!

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"Oh my Goddess," Mother whispers. She lets out a strangled sob and I feel my heart clench. The sight of my mate going through the most excruciating transformation of her life is horrifying. I want to take her pain away and make it my own. I want to gag and throw up. I want to cry and shout at the Moon Goddess. I just want this torture to end.

"Saffie. I love you. I'm here for you." I grab her human hand and hold on tight. I don't let go, not even when it suddenly turns hairy. I don't let go when it shifts back into a paw and then returns to human hand. I keep holding on for dear life, being there for my mate in the one way I can.

Saf keeps shifting and her torso finally transforms into her human form. The bindings Doctor Dev secured around her chest stretch, and the sound of ripping cloth echoes through the infirmary. Saf's human form is covered with fur from head to toe, and when the bindings fall away, the fur underneath is caked with blood.

I grip Saf's hand tighter, and stay with her as her fur flickers in and out until it finally disappears. Which leaves my mate one hundred percent human and passed out cold on the hospital bed. Her forehead is beaded with sweat and her face is still contorted in a grimace from remnants of pain. Her body is covered with blood and cuts of various sizes, and my eyes snap to the large one, the one that Doctor Dev had to bind. It's a huge gash below her left rib, but now it has finally closed.

"Logan, I need to check Saffron's vitals." Doctor Dev snaps into action. She pushes me aside and starts checking Saf over, lifting each of her eyelids and then pressing two fingers to her neck. I nearly suffocate before she finally announces, "her vitals are good."

I barely register the sighs of relief as I rush to Saf side. I throw my arms around her, careful not to press myself against any of her wounds, and start to sob. I don't think I've ever seen anything so horrifying. Watching my mate suffer and imagining the kind of pain she must have gone through without being able to stop it—it's all just too much.

"I'm so sorry, Logan," Father whispers, putting a hand on my shoulder. "I didn't know, I swear, I never intended..." He trails off, but I don't need him to finish the sentence. I know that Father didn't mean to do this to Saf. He's never ordered a wolf to shift before. I know because he warned me against it many times, the same way his own Father warned him when he was young. Now, I guess we all know why.

"You had to do it, James," Mother whispers. "If you didn't order Saffron to shift..."

My brain a few seconds to process Mother's words and I realize she's right. If Father didn't order Saf to shift, she might have died... but she didn't. She's still here, in human form. Doctor Dev can start the blood transfusion and then she'll be okay. She has to be.

"You saw..." Father's voice cracks. "I did that to her."

"Hey, hey," Mother coos softly, crossing to Father and wrapping her arms around him. I don't think I've ever seen Father broken up like this before, especially not when he did the right.

"Father," I whisper, and he looks up. "You saved her life."

Father stares at me for a second and then his shoulders sag in relief. Despite what he just put Saf though, if it wasn't for him, she might still be a wolf, and then it might be too late.

"Okay, time to get to work," Doctor Dev interrupts. "I know that was... well, you were all here, but now we need to help Saffron."

"Yes, Doctor." We all try to pull ourselves together. I wipe tears from my eyes with the back of my hand, Father straightens his shoulders, and Jasper turns back to watch his unconscious mate.

"Logan, get Saffron a blanket," Doctor Dev orders, "and find something to wear."

It takes me a second to process her words, and then I gently let go of my mate and get to my feet. I look at where Doctor Dev's pointing, at a cabinet in the far corner. Inside, I find a pile of blue hospital gowns that match Jasper's, and slip one over my head. As an afterthought, I toss a second one to Father. Then, I look for something to cover my mate with and locate two blankets—one paper thin, one thick.

By the time I return to my mate's side, Doctor Dev has attached a clip to her index finger, and the heart rate monitor next to her bed beeps steadily. Doctor Dev takes the thin blanket from me, covers up Saf so she's decent, and places the thicker blanket at her feet. Then, she turns to Mother. "Luna, have you pulled up a list of blood donors?"

"It's almost ready," Mother calls from the computer.

Doctor Dev nods, checks Saffron over one more time, and then moves on to Zara. The monitor next to her unconscious body is tilted away so I can't see the screen, but Doctor Dev stares at the information on it for some time.

"Is she okay?" Jasper asks, his body tensing.

"Yes, Jasper." Doctor Dev walks up to him and starts checking him over. " Zara's condition hasn't changed. How are you feeling?"


"If you start to feel weak, you let me know, okay? I have a second donor waiting for my call, so you just say the word."

"I'm fine, really."

Doctor Dev looks like she's about to say something else, but then Mother calls her over. "Yes, I'm printing the list of Saffron's donors now," she says as the printer whirls to life. A lone white sheet of paper slides out, and Mother hands it to Doctor Dev.

"Six matches. That's a good number for oh negative, but these two are just kids." Doctor Dev pauses. "Oh, Millicent definitely won't do," she adds, referring to the ninety-year old pack elder who often consults Father on important decisions. "That leaves three donors. Alpha, can you locate them for me?"

"Of course, Doctor." Father grabs the piece of paper and looks it over. He seems to be back to his commending self, all traces of his earlier torment gone. "These two aren't here. I sent Dave Johnson of with the Trackers, so he won't be back for hours. Same goes for Alexis Fields and the other Sprinters."

"So that just leaves one donor then," Doctor Dev says.

"Yes, it does." Father nods. "I'll go and locate Kaitlin."


Wait, Kaitlin????

Do you guys remember Kaitlin? The girl who was mean to Saf? And forgot her textbook in her locker? And narrowly avoided becoming Rogue kill? (haha like road kill, get it? get it? okay, maybe that's not really funny)

Will POW find Kaitlin? What happened to her? Where did she go?

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