SBAWP | Chapter 3

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"This way," Logan says, opening the door and gesturing for me to go in first. I can still feel POW's guard staring a hole through my back, but I try to pretend he's not sitting across the street watching my every move.

Zara and Jasper trail in behind me, but they're hardly paying any attention. This morning, when I first saw them, I couldn't even look them in the eye. I mean, I literally saw both of them butt naked last night. I expected things to get super awkward—and for all of us to be embarrassed—but Zasper were too busy making googly eyes at each other.

They don't really look like themselves either. Jasper's got some stubble, like he didn't bother to shave this morning, and Zara's not wearing makeup. I mean, seriously, none at all. She's also dressed in black tights and a simple purple tank top, her hair loose down her shoulders, and no jewelry in sight. I guess maybe she's too focused on Jasper to care about anything else.

The two of them still only have eyes for each other, and I really hope they don't start making out in the school office. It's bad enough that we're all late. We really don't need any more reasons to get in trouble.

I've been late before—for stupid reasons like Dad needing a second breakfast—so I know we're about to get chewed out by the school secretary. If she got my school records, she'll know I do this at least once or twice a week. I always have a note, but because it happens so often, I still get a lecture and sometimes detention.

I glance at the woman seated behind the desk and decide that she and the secretary from OPS could be sisters. She's also got big boobs which we can see way too much of, she has way too much makeup on, and she's wearing a floral dress that should have been outlawed several decades ago. She frowns up at us, and I decide that school secretaries are pretty much the same everywhere.

I steel myself for a lecture, but Logan leans against her desk and grins. "Hey Betty, sorry we're late."

"Car trouble?" the secretary asks.

"Yes, Ma'am." Logan nods, even though I know his car is perfectly fine. "How was the book club meeting?"

Book club meeting? I frown at Logan. I can't picture him being in a book club with the secretary. That's just weird.

"Oh, it was wonderful. Thank your mom again for baking those brownies," the secretary replies. I guess it makes sense that Logan's mom is the one who's in the book club.

"Will do." Logan grins. He acts like he and the secretary are old friends, asking about her nieces and nephew. In less than a minute, he manages to score us some passes and avoid a lecture and detention.

"What do you have now?" Logan asks me as we head to class. "I'll walk you."

I unzip my backpack and rummage around for my schedule. The moment Luna left my room this morning, I quickly took out all the clothes and Mom's painting and put all my binders back in. I don't remember seeing my schedule, but it should be in here somewhere.

As I search for it, I sneak a glance at Zara, who's whispering something in Jasper's ear. He growls in response, then whispers something back, making her giggle. I honestly have no idea how they'll get through class when they're acting like mate zombies.

"Chemistry," I say when I finally locate my schedule and hand it to Logan.

"That sucks. We have English." Logan glances back at Zasper and rolls his eyes when they start giving each other Eskimo kisses. "You're in room 105. Come on, I'll walk you."

Logan hands me back my schedule, and after I've put it away he takes my hand. I draw in a sharp breath at the touch and sneak a peek at Logan, who smiles at me. Room 105 is at the other end of the hall, and when we get there, the classroom door is wide open.

The door is at the back of the classroom, so all I see are the backs of everyone's heads and the teacher. She's an older lady with gray hair and round, metal glasses. She's wearing a lab coat and is pointing at a set of organic chemistry formulas she's written on the white board in red marker.

I take a step toward the classroom, but hesitate. I'm so not looking forward to walking into a room full of strangers, especially not when I'm this late.

"I'll see you later," Logan whispers, squeezing my hand. He doesn't wait for me to go in, he just grabs Jasper by the arm and pulls him down the hall. Jasper has his arm wrapped around Zara's shoulder, so he ends up dragging her along, too.

I watch them disappear around the corner and realize I'm alone. The hallway is empty and for a second, I think it's a trap. I picture Logan, Jasper and Zara crouched around the corner, watching me, waiting to see if I make a run for it. Then I shake my head at how silly I'm being.

The hallway is so quiet I can hear my heart race. Do I still even want to run away? I mean, yeah, POW said I have a reduced two week sentence, but what if he's lying? Should I just leave now, while I have the chance? I was ready to run with Zara and Jess last night, so why not just do it now? If I exit through the back door, the guard out front won't even notice.

The real answer is that I just don't want to, but I start listening more practical excuses: I don't have Mom's painting, and there's no way I'm leaving without it; I have no money and nothing but the clothes on my back and my shiny new backpack filled with school supplies; I could always run away tomorrow if things got worse. Or the next day. Or the next day.

"Do you plan to stand out there all period?" the teacher, who's voice is faint and raspy, has somehow had the time to cross the room and materialize in the doorway.

"Sorry, Miss," I mumble. My cheeks flush as I realize that every single one of my classmates has turned in their seat to stare at me.

"Do you have a pass?" the teacher extends a hand, waiting.

I nod, handing her the piece of paper. I don't dare look at my classmates again.

"Ah, Saffron. Welcome. I'm Mrs. Lowe."

I don't tell her to call me Sofie. It seems that everyone I know is calling me Saffron now anyway, and I kind of like it.

"Go on," the teacher orders.

I quickly glance around, trying to spot an empty seat. Everyone's sitting in pairs, with papers and lab equipment between them, but it looks like all the seats are taken. I glance at the teacher for help, and she gestures toward a seat in the second row. For a second, I think that seat is taken. There's a pink sweater draped over the stool, and and an equally pink purse on the table, so it looks like the student sitting there just stepped out, maybe to use the bathroom.

"Kaitlin, please make room for Saffron," the teacher says, and Kaitlin turns to glare at me.

I recognize her immediately. She's the blonde who was hanging out with Jess two days ago. The one who made fun of my clothes. 


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