SBAWP | Chapter 26

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My temper boils the rest of the way to the pack house. Destroying the rogues—tearing them apart, limb from limb—will never be enough, not after what they've done to my pack. I'll never forgive them for hurting Saf, just like I know Jasper will never forgive them for hurting Zara. No amount of revenge will ever make up for that.

I'll carry Saffron the rest of the way, I tell Father once we reach the front drive. It doesn't matter that he's my Alpha, she's my mate, so it's my order to give.

Father hands her to me without question and I carry her up the stairs to the fourth floor. When I reach the infirmary, Father runs ahead and and holds open the door so I can go in first. The moment I step inside, my gaze lands on Zara. She's lying motionless in the bed directly across from the door, and the sight makes my gut clench. Her eyes are closed, her face pale. Only the steady beeping from the heart rate monitor next to her bed tells me that she's still breathing.

Mother adjusts the blanket, which hides enough of Zara's torso to keep her descent. My gaze stays glued to those parts of her left bare, the ones covered with blood. The only visible patch of skin is in the crook of her right elbow, where Doctor Dev has hooked up the IV. There's a thin, translucent, plastic tube taped to Zara's arm, and the liquid running through it looks more pink than red. Even though it doesn't look it, I know it's blood, the liquid keeping Zara alive.

My gaze drifts to the adjacent hospital bed, where Jasper's been hooked up to an identical plastic tube. He's wearing a hospital gown—one of those baggy, light blue shirts that barely covers his thighs—and his eyes are glued to his mate. For a second, I stand there, watching his life blood flow up through the tube, into the blood bag, and then down through Zara's tube and into her injured body.

"How is she, Luna?" Doctor Dev calls from across the room. She's changed into her scrubs and lab coat, and her gaze is focused on a bunch of metal surgical instruments and syringes that she's arranged on a metal tray.

"Her vitals look good." Mother says, checking the screen. She turns to look at Doctor Dev, her gaze passing me, and she lets out a horrified gasp. "She hasn't shifted?" Mother whispers, looking down at Saf's wolf.

I shake my head no, but Doctor Dev doesn't give me any time to worry. She spins around and starts shouting orders. "Set her down on the bed next to Jasper. Luna, finish up over here."

"Yes, Doctor Dev," Mother rushes toward the tray of surgical instruments while I carry Saf to the bed. When I reach it, I stop, unsure of which end to place my mate on. The bed's made for humans, not wolves, since we all shift before any medical treatment. It's modern, too, with lots of buttons to prop someone up or raise and lower them. When Jasper broke his leg, he spent a whole day here, and we made a game of trying out all the buttons. That was years ago, and yet nothing in this room has changed. The only thing that really has is us. We're older now, we both have mates, and our mates might both die.

"How's she doing?" Jasper asks as I decide on a spot in the middle of the bed and set Saf down. It takes me a second to realize he's asking about Saf, not Zara.

"She's..." I hesitate. I don't know what to say. I don't want to voice my thoughts aloud, to tell my Beta that I'm scared, but I don't have to. Jasper knows. He reaches over to touch my arm in a show of support, but his other arm is hooked up to the IV, so he can't quite reach. I give his shoulder a quick squeeze instead, and then turn my attention back to my mate.

"Logan, I need you to move so I can take a look," Doctor Dev orders. The moment I step aside, she starts checking Saf's vitals. "Her breathing's steady, but she's lost a lot of blood."

"She can have mine." There's no question about it.

"We'll have to see if you're a match first."

"We're mates. Shouldn't we be a match if we're mates?"

Jasper gasps, and Doctor Dev's eyes widen slightly, but that's all the reaction my announcement gets. "That's not how it works, Logan," she tells me. "Luna, I need you to check Saffron's blood type."

"Yes, Doctor." Mother leaves the surgical instruments alone an starts rummaging through one of the drawers.

"I keep everyone's blood types on file," Doctor Dev explains, "so I had a list of matches for Zara before she even got here. I knew Jasper was a match, and I have backups on standby. I would have done the same for Saffron, but I don't have her medical records."

"Here it is." Mother rushes over with a small, blue device. She runs her fingers through Saf's fur and pushes chunks aside, baring a patch of white skin. "This should only take a second," she tells the unconscious Saf, pressing down the flat tip of the device against her side. When it beeps, she shows the readout to Doctor Dev.

"Run it through the database," Doctor Dev orders.

"Yes, Doctor." Mother rushes back across the room and starts typing furiously on the computer.

"Logan," Doctor Dev turns to me, "we need to get Saffron to shift for the blood transfusion. I'm going to inject her with a solution that will hopefully get her to wake up."

"Hopefully? Is it safe?" I ask when Doctor Dev takes a needle and a small vial of yellow liquid from her lab coat pocket.

"There can be side effects, but we don't have a choice. A blood transfusion has never been done on a wolf before, and I don't think you want Saf to be the first." Doctor Dev take a step toward Saf and then looks up at me. "Do I have your permission to proceed?"

"Yes, Doctor," I whisper, my eyes glued to the syringe as Doctor Dev slowly fills it with the yellow liquid from the vial.


Oh no! What's in that vial? 

Will it work? 

What will it do to Saf?

And will Jasper's blood save Zara? 

Did you know I had to do a lot of medical research for this chapter, and I learned that direct blood transfusions like Jasper and Zara's aren't done in the real world? I also did tons of blood type research, so I'm ready, in case, you know, I ever want to become a Wolf Doctor. 

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