LBAWP | Chapter 1

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Hope you enjoy Loved by a Wolf Pack! 

Hope you enjoy Loved by a Wolf Pack! 

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Saf smiles at me shyly and I feel a burst of happiness. After everything we've been through—the whole Omega thing, the problem linking, and the Rogue attack—there is nothing stopping us from being together. Which reminds me that I should probably see Father.

"I should go," I tell Saf, gesturing toward the door.

"Yeah." She looks at me longingly. Or maybe I'm the one looking at her longingly. I can't be sure. I just know I don't want to leave.

"Father wanted to talk to me before the announcement," I tell her, even though she was right here when he said it. I guess I'm hoping the reminder will somehow propel me to leave, but I stay rooted in my spot.

Saf nods. A few seconds pass, and when I make no move to go, she asks, "What does P—" her cheeks flush, "I mean your Father want to talk to you about?"

"The pissed off wolf?" I grin. "No clue."

"Do you think it has to do with the attack?"

"If it did, he'd talk to both of us." I shrug. I really hope he's not planning to give me The Talk. If he starts explaining proper exercise techniques, I'm so out of there, but hopefully he has a better reason. "Maybe it's an Alpha thing? Or he wants to catch up? I haven't seen him since he got back."

"He left?" Saf asks in surprise, and I realize that now that she'll officially be my Luna, I should make sure everyone is filling her in on what's happening.

"He went to find the Moonlit Pack, and to talk to your..." I want to say 'piece of shit dad' but hold off on the first part and spit out a disgusted, "dad."

"Why?" Saf's eyes widen, like she wasn't the one who suggested we search her home town in the first place.

"To have dinner," I roll my eyes, but Saf doesn't laugh, or react in any way, really. "To question them, Saf. For information about the attack? To see if they know where those Rogues are holding Jess?"

"Jess..." Saf whispers, getting this far-away look in her eyes.

"Do you remember something? About where they took her?"

"They took her," Saf parrots back, looking kind of lost. "I... I can't remember. Why can't I remember, Logan?"

"Hey, it's okay," I go over and hug her. I didn't really expect her to remember anything new about the attack, or about Jess.

"It's not. I barely remember anything that happened after health class." Saf blushes. "I know we were walking home and... Kaitlyn?"

"She's fine."

"Good, well..." She shakes her head. "It's like all my memories... I don't know, Logan. It's like... they're buried so deep I can't reach them."

"I'm sure they'll come back. You've been through so much in the last few days—"

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