SBAWP | Chapter 14

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Monday's STAWP chapter is here! 

Have you had a chance to read Saffron vs. the Rogue Brothers yet? What did you think of Saf's human friends, Anna and Jen? Can anyone guess what Beta is up to, and how he ended up with the Rogue brothers? 

Dedicated to RavenRaeee for wanting Saf to kick a$$. 



"It's not your fault, it's mine," Zara whispers, wrapping a protective arm around Nicki. "I'm the one they want."

"No, it's my fault." Jess groans. "If I'd just brought my car, none of this would have happened."

I look from Jess to Zara and back again. Logically, they're both right. If we'd driven home, we'd never have been ambushed. If Zara wasn't Jasper's mate, and the pack's new Beta female, these Rogues or whoever they are wouldn't bother attacking us. If I had just mentioned the guard to POW, he'd have sent someone to investigate, and we'd be safe. Any one of us could have prevented this, but we didn't, and it's too late now. Moaning and groaning about it won't get us out of this mess.

"We need a plan," I whisper. Zara's the Beta female. She'll come up with something. I know she will. I wait for her to give some sort of instructions—to assure us that we're getting out of this alive—but she just looks back at me with panic in her eyes. I turn to Jess, hoping she'll take the lead, but she's just staring at Zara expectantly.

What could I possible do? We're outnumbered. We don't stand a chance. We... Suddenly, I realize I'm the perfect person for the job. I'm used to being outnumbered. I'm used to fighting Rogues I'm sure I can't beat. Dad's trained me to survive against all odds by being smart. I've fought off dozens of stronger, more powerful Wolves—not at the same time, of course, but now I have Zara and Jess by my side. Two pack Wolves who are probably ten times stronger than I am.

I try to come up with a plan. If we just stand up and fight, we might still lose. The odds are definitely stacked against us. But if their Alpha shows up, the odds will be infinitely worse. If he brings reinforcements, we're doomed.

"I don't know what to do." Zara moans. "What do we do?"

"Think, think, think," Jess begs, and the kids whimper.

"Can't you link and get help?" I ask. If Zara and Jess can just alert the others...

"It's too far," Zara says.

"They're mates, not magicians." Jess snaps. "Obviously, Zara and Jasper can't... Sorry. Sorry. I'm just really freaking out. Guys, what do we do?"

Their fear is contagious, and for a second all I can think about is death. Being torn limb from limb. Having my bones broken. Feeling the life seep out of me. At least they won't kill Zara—not yet—but who knows what they'll do to her? Kidnap her and hold her for ransom? Torture her for information? Use her and then kill her anyway?

How could the Moon Goddess be so cruel? I finally—finally—have friends, and what about Jasper and Zara? They've only been mates for a day. Less, even! If anything were to happen to her, he'd never get over it. It's just not fair, that they're finally together, forever, and then this happens. I can't let those Rogues harm Zara. Not now. Not when she's finally found her mate.

Plus, what about little Nicki? And Joshie and Nisha? They're just kids. They have their whole lives ahead of them. Jess, Zara and I do too. We're too young to die!

I have to do something, but what? How do I save them? Us? I'm just a Rogue—a hundred times weaker than Zara and Jess—and most likely weaker than Beta and the two wolves circling us. I think I can take the brothers—I have before—but that still leaves three other Wolves for Zara and Jess. One of whom is a Beta, and two who are trained muscle. There aren't enough of us to take them on. Unless we can get help, we don't stand a chance.

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