SBAWP | Chapter 11

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Sorry I didn't post on Christmas. Things have been a little crazy! How were you holidays? Do you celebrate? Did you get/give any awesome presents? Oh, did anyone give you books? 

This chapter is dedicated to crazystuff112 for the awesome comment. One day, I hope to write a character who does that! 



"Of course you're still Zara's best friend," I tell Jess.

"Yeah, right." She crosses toward the sink and plops down on the counter. "She couldn't even bother to text me."

"She didn't get your texts." I grimace. "I still have her phone. She gave it to me last night, but it's locked, and I don't know Zara's passcode."

"She has a tablet and a laptop." Jess rolls her eyes. "I thought you guys were in so much trouble that Alpha confiscated them."

"Zara was just... distracted," I try to explain. There are no words for the way Zara and Jasper have been acting from the moment they realized they were mates. It's like they haven't been aware of anything or anyone except each other.

"I went to find her this morning," Jess snaps. "You should have heard her." She jumps off the counter and takes on a snooty, mocking tone. "You'll understand when you find your mate, Jess. It's different when it's meant to be, Jess." Jess snorts.

"She didn't mean it like that."

"Sure she didn't." Jess rolls her eyes. "I was so freaked out when I came looking for her, and guess what? She was sorry for like three seconds before she started jumping up and down and telling me how happy she was."

"Of course she's happy. She found her mate, Jess. Her mate! You should be happy for her!"

"I am happy!" Jess shouts and starts crying. "I am. Really, I am. Of course I'm happy for her. It's just..." She swipes at her face with the back of her hand, smearing even more makeup. "She said Logan and I weren't meant to be."

"He broke up with you," the words leave my lips before I can think it through. I know how insensitive I sound, and how jealous... but I don't like her talking like that about Logan. If she so much as tries to make a move on him...

"I know we broke up," Jess whispers. "I know I lost him. I just don't want to lose Zara, too."

"You're not losing Zara," I say, my jealousy dissipating. "She's still your friend. Just talk to her, okay?"

"Okay," Jess nods and swipes at more tears. "I'm such a mess."

"You're not." I walk over and give her a hug.

"Thanks, Sof." Jess hugs me back. She lets go and slides off the counter. "I really am a mess."

"No you're not," I tell her, mostly to be nice, since mess doesn't even begin to cover it. Her black eyeliner and mascara is smudged all the way to her cheeks, her nose is beet red from crying, her eyes are bloodshot, and she has chunks of bleach blond hair is sticking out of her high ponytail.

Jess takes one look in the mirror and starts giggling at her reflection. Then she turns on the tap, pumps out some soap from the dispenser and starts scrubbing her face. I figure it'll take her a while—she really does look that bad—so I climb onto the counter and wait. Yeah, I should probably go back to class, but I think I've had enough of watching people roll on condoms for one lifetime. I'd honestly rather get detention and face an angry POW than go back there.

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