STAWP | Chapter 13

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Logan's back! Hope you enjoy this chapter! 



"Of course I wouldn't have just left her there." Father looks at me in disgust.

"Then what? Kept us apart?" Each thought makes me angrier and I my wolf's outrage fills me until I have to struggle to breathe. I get why Father hates Rogues, but this is my mate we're talking about. I haven't even spoken to her yet, but I already know she's not like the others. She's a good person and my perfect other half. Why else would the Moon Goddess choose her for me?

"Logan, please listen." Father shakes his head. "She was abused and her spirit's broken. She's terrified of me. I growl or look displeased and her wolf comes to the surface, whimpering and baring her neck in submission. Even when I spoke gently and showed the girl kindness, I frightened her."

"What did her father do to her?" I demand. My hands clench into fists at the thought of the Rogue. How dare he abuse my mate? If I ever see him, I will kill him.

I will tear him limb from limb, my wolf adds, no longer speaking over the link, and I completely agree.

"You'll have to ask her, son." Father pauses, lost in thought. "That's not even the biggest problem. The girl is obedient. Unreasonably so! I ordered her not to run when I bought her here. I could see that she thought I would harm her, yet she didn't try to escape. I even left her alone for a time to give her the opportunity to prove herself, but the girl was too frightened to even try.

"I understand that my orders may carry some extra weight because I'm Alpha, so I tested her. Had Zara give her an order, too." Father sighs. "Logan, your mate cleaned Zara's room because she was afraid of a girl her own age."

The thought of anyone tackling Zara's room—which has Danger Zone written all over it—makes me cringe.

"Never in my time as Alpha have I seen a wolf so without backbone." Father continues. "Even our Omegas show bits of rebellion here and there. I don't know what her father did to break her, but she's not ready to be your mate. She's no Luna."

I growl at the insult but I'm mostly just worried for my mate. "I can help her," I tell Father. "I will help her!"

"You will," Father agrees, "but she is too frightened and too submissive to be our Luna right now. The rest of the pack won't accept her. They'll challenge her and she just doesn't have the strength to stand up to them or bear such treatment."

"You think I can't protect my mate?" I demand. "No one will dare upset her. If they do, they will have to deal with me!" I cannot believe father would ever question that.

"She will bare her throat in submission if any pack member so much as speaks to her. It is unacceptable. If you claim your mate, our pack will see her weakness, and you will have to step down as Alpha. Our Luna cannot be cowardly and weak. You know that!"

I stare at Father. For as long as I can remember, I've known that I would one day follow in his footsteps. It's something I've always wanted, always dreamed of. To be the next Alpha. I'm a strong, dominant wolf and I cannot submit to another. Even allowing Father to give me orders is torture. Sometimes, it takes everything I have to push my wolf down enough to show Father the respect that an Alpha deserves.

If I'm forced to step down, I'd have to become a Rogue and live without a pack. My parents would never forgive me, and they'll hate me, like they hate all Rogues. I'll never see them or any of my friends again. I wouldn't have anyone other than my mate to talk to, except any children we might have. It would hurt, but it could never match the pain of staying away from my mate. I can't lose Saffron. I want her like I've never wanted anything before.

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